ANSIO Interior Dehumidifier Review – Do They Work?


Recently we have been investigating cheap alternatives to electric dehumidifiers. Whenever this subject comes up, it’s hard to look past conventional moisture absorbers and the Ansio interior dehumidifier is the king in this department.

The Ansio interior dehumidifier 500ml is a great alternative to an electric dehumidifier in some cases. These are the best option when the condensation problem isn’t severe enough to warrant a full electric dehumidifier. They are great for cars, caravans, sheds, garages, wardrobes, cupboards and just about any room. Each unit holds 500ml of water and lasts roughly 4-6 weeks depending on the moisture level. You can expect to see the first drops in a few weeks.

Ansio Interior Dehumidifier Review

ANSIO Dehumidifier Pack of 5 x 500ml

ANSIO Dehumidifier Pack of 10
Condensation Remover Moisture Absorber Dehumidifiers for Damp, Mould, Moisture

What are they and why do we like them?

Here’s why we like these, they offer a cheap, silent and effective replacement for an electric dehumidifier in many instances. They excel in areas where you often don’t need a regular dehumidifier like cars, sheds, garages, cupboards, etc.

We also love how cheap these are, you can simply use more units depending on the severity of the moisture problem. We don’t recommend these alone for serious damp issues as they aren’t powerful enough. Despite this though, they are great for many scenarios and offer excellent value.

How Does the Ansio Interior Dehumidifier Work?

Moisture absorbers such as the Ansio interior dehumidifier work using specially formulated crystals. These crystals are known as “hydrophilic“, meaning that they like water and suck up as much as possible. The special crystals suck in moisture from the surrounding air which causes the air to dry out. This new “dry” air is what causes damp to disappear as the damp begins to evaporate away into the air.

The Ansio moisture absorber is outrageously easy to use. Simply put it where you want to keep dry and forget about it. No emptying water tanks and worrying about turning them on and off. They do all the hard work without you having to think about them one bit. The crystals eventually dissolve and disappear and you will know that the product is finished.

Where Can I Use Them?

The short answer is, anywhere! There are certain cases where these work best, however. These are most effective in those smaller spaces that are difficult to keep dry using a regular dehumidifier. These include cupboards, wardrobes, cars, caravans, small rooms, you get the picture.

ANSIO Dehumidifier Pack of 5 x 500ml

ANSIO Dehumidifier Pack of 10
Condensation Remover Moisture Absorber Dehumidifiers for Damp, Mould, Moisture

These aren’t powerful enough by themselves to get rid of widespread damp in larger spaces but they can be a great tool for preventing it in the first instance. The more severe the damp or condensation, the more units we recommend you use. Using up to 5 units in a single room will have a strong effect on preventing damp.

In small spaces with damp issues we recommend you place as many as you feel necessary close to the source of the problem. They will work best in areas with limited airflow such as cupboards and other indoor spaces. We really love these for preventing misty windows in cars! We have made a detailed review of the car specific moisture absorbers available but we recommend this as a solid alternative.

Will They Get Rid of Damp?

The Ansio interior moisture absorber will get rid of existing damp and prevent damp from occurring. Because these moisture absorbers pull damp out of the surrounding air, the damp areas evaporate more rapidly as the air around it becomes drier. The more significant the damp or condensation issue, the more units you should use.

We recommend using up to 5 units simultaneously in a small to medium room. The labels can be peeled off so they look less unsightly and they can be spread around the room conspicuously, no one will notice them. If you are looking to use them for small areas like cars or caravans, we think using up to 3 at once is a good bet to get rid of and prevent damp.

Many customers who have purchased these moisture absorbers were very satisfied with the effects on preventing damp. I have personally used the Ansio interior dehumidifier to get rid of damp in storage cupboards. The results can take a couple of weeks but they will help you get rid of the damp and prevent it from returning.

Where Can I Buy Them?

We always recommend getting products such as this online because it is much more convenient than going into a real store. You can read reviews, not have to worry about trying to find it and sit back and wait for delivery. Moisture absorbers such as the Ansio can be found in many stores that stock homeware such as Homebase, B&Q, etc but we find online stores to me the most convenient.

Wrap up

The Ansio interior dehumidifier can be a great alternative to an electric dehumidifier and offers exceptional value. They are good because they are cheap, silent and do not use electricity. If you have a more severe moisture issue, you can simply use more units until the problem is dealt with.

ANSIO Dehumidifier Pack of 5 x 500ml

ANSIO Dehumidifier Pack of 10
Condensation Remover Moisture Absorber Dehumidifiers for Damp, Mould, Moisture

We love the Ansio and can’t recommend it enough as a cheap “set and forget” alternative to an electric dehumidifier. We hope you found this article useful and helped you decide whether this product is worth buying. If you are instead considering an electric dehumidifier, then please check out our other reviews here.

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3 years ago

How many uses can I get out of one ANSIO Dehumidifier?

3 years ago

Hi Mattie,

One Ansio will last 4-6 weeks and they are single use.

3 years ago

I am using 2 of those in the bedroom and 2 more in the living room because I was having condensation issues. My bedroom windows was full of water every morning and was damaging the timber frames, similar issue in the living room but not so severe.
The think is after 5 days of using them + ventilating more (leaving window trickle vents open a bit), the condensation has disappeared 100% and the humidity level have dropped to 30%. I am a bit worry now of having dry up my flat too much.
do you think ANSIO Interior Dehumidifier have caused this drop? are they so effective? has the extremely old weather we had this week helped as well?

3 years ago
Reply to  Andres

Hi Andres,

The ANSIOs definitely helped but ventilation and the recent dry weather will have contributed. ANSIOs are not very powerful so I would say there is a 0% chance they will make your house “too dry”, hope this helps.

2 years ago


Silly question but when the dehumidifier has been used up should I empty the water in it before disposal?

2 years ago

Hello, need some help. I have had one open on my windowsil. There is no more condensation on the windows but there is heavy condensation next to the dehumidifier rather than in it. I have peeled the foil off but not the white membrane, as instructions said. Any tips?

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