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Wondering what the best car dehumidifier is? Look no further. Car window condensation and misting are caused by excessive moisture and can be a real pain in the backside. As well as misting windscreens, excessive humidity can make your upholstery feel cold and went in the morning.  In this article, we have produced a detailed review of the 3 best dehumidifiers for your car.


Our top pick for the second year running is the Apalus 1KG Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier. It’s great at removing moisture from a car without needing electricity, so it can passively reduce humidity throughout the day. The Apalus is easy to manage and needs very little maintenance and upkeep. This product requires no electricity so will save you money on running costs compared to electric options. Simply place this product in the microwave at 700W for 10 minutes every few months and keep reusing it!

Apalus 1KG Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier

Dry Air, DMF Free, Reusable Moisture Absorber Bag, Automotive Dehumidifier, Keep Windows Fog-Free. Prevents Condensation and Mold, Includes 1 x Anti Slip Mat

Is your car windscreen covered with condensation every morning? Manually demisting your windscreen takes both time and patience. Many of us have been in situations where we have had to risk being late while we wait for it to de-mist. Some of us may have even driven with a misted windscreen which can be dangerous. This same moisture can also cause your car seats to feel cold and a little bit wet.

The good news is that reducing moisture in your car is very easy and almost effortless with the right product. Car dehumidifiers easily suck the water our of the air inside the car via osmosis and prevent condensation. Some products are better than others, we have reviewed 3 of the best below.

1. Apalus 1kg Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier

This moisture absorbing car dehumidifier will reduce mist in car windows. It will protect the interior of your vehicle from moisture damage and black mould and mildew. Thanks to its high moisture absorption and 1kg weight, the Apalus can absorb up to 400ml of water. You just need to place the bag on the dashboard of our car and sit back whilst it does its job. You will be able to hop into your car in the morning and have a clear windscreen. The product needs to be placed on top of the dashboard to optimally prevent a misty windscreen. The Apalus 1kg is without a doubt the best car dehumidifier.

Apalus 1KG Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier

Dry Air, DMF Free, Reusable Moisture Absorber Bag, Automotive Dehumidifier, Keep Windows Fog-Free. Prevents Condensation and Mold, Includes 1 x Anti Slip Mat

REUSABLE – This product is reusable, you only need to buy it once and it will keep working and working. After a few months, or if the product stops working, place it in a 700 Watt Microwave for 10 minutes and it will be totally dry. Alternatively, you can place it in the oven for 2-3 hours at 60C or in a heater or in the sun. This makes this product a very cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

EASY AND SAFE – The Apalus Car Dehumidifier is willed with quality silica gel which is DMF FREE and has passed ROHS certificates. It is drip safe, meaning it won’t leak chemicals inside your vehicle when it has absorbed moisture. it draws moisture in like a sponge and locks the moisture in, leaving your car windscreen crisp and clear. This makes the item very compact but effective for its size. Unlike some conventional dehumidifier systems, there is no danger of spilling liquids or solutions which could damage electronics or car seats.

OTHER VEHICLES – The Apalus could be the perfect solution for storing cars, caravans and motorhomes over winter and ensuring they are not damaged by excess condensation. It can help ward off mould, rust and mildew stains before they occur. The product could also be useful for garden sheds, garages, boats, etc. It requires no electricity so will cost you nothing to run. It gets full marks from us for being the easiest to use and convenient car dehumidifier.

2. HOOMEE Car Dehumidifier 500g x 2

Similar to the Apalus, the Hoomee is a silica gel-based moisture-absorbing pad. The product will prevent moisture build-up on your windscreen by absorbing excess moisture in the air. We prefer the Apalus over this one as it has more favourable reviews and states how much water it can absorb. We like that this product comes as 2 x 500g pouches as this allows you to cover multiple locations in the car. This product might be superior if you wish to cover both the front and back windscreen for example.

HOOMEE Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier Bag

Anti Fog Moisture Absorber Odour Eliminator

The HOOMEE can be reused for years and the contents are considered safe and biodegradable. The product is effective year-round and can help you prevent fogged up windscreens on busy mornings. Like the Apalus, it should help you protect the interior and electronics of your car from humidity related damage. It can also be used to protect motor homes, caravans, sheds, and boats from suffering moisture-related damage during the winter months when in storage.

3. GADLANE Microfibre Absorbent Car Demist Pad (Pack Of 2)

If you have a serious moisture issue in your vehicle and a simple moisture absorber isn’t cutting it, you may need back up. Who here hates having a misted-up windscreen and having to frantically look around for the nearest rag to use? I hate it too so we decided to give these demister pads a try and we loved them. The product is small and ideal for use in a small space such as a car. These pads worked a treat for quickly getting rid of any mist not picked up by the moisture absorber. A demisting pad such as this could work a treat when used in conjunction with the best car dehumidifier.

GADLANE Microfibre Absorbent Car Demist Pad

Pack of 2, Windscreen Mirrors Glass Window Micro Fibre Sponge Cleaning Fog Remover Pads

We actually recommend these for use in conjunction with either of the previously mentioned moisture absorbers. A moisture absorber by itself will struggle to prevent windscreen mist even on the best of days. These small pads provide you with an easy way of getting rid of any leftover moisture and really streamline starting up the car and getting going on cold mornings.

4. Pingi Dehumidifier Car And Home LV-A300

This is a smart-looking pouch or cushion that is small and neat. It is ideal for use in the car to help absorb excess moisture and condensation from the windscreen that often clouds your vision when driving. It is a reusable 299g bag that is compact and effective when used in your car or other small enclosed spaces where condensation can build-up, such as a bathroom window, loft, boat or caravan, garage or garden shed. The pillow effectively prevents dampness and odours such as musty smells that build up from poor air circulation. Simply microwave and leave to cool to regenerate its effectiveness after a while of use.

Pingi Dehumidifier

Absorbs Moisture Condensation Damp Keeping Windscreens Clear – One Reusable 299g

5. Hillington Reusable Car Interior Dehumidifier Bag and Dashboard Mounting Anti-Slip Mat

A compact dehumidifier bag that is ideal for use in the car to keep your windscreen clear of mist and condensation. It helps keep down the humidity levels in your caravan, motorhome and bathroom.

Super absorbent, the pillow can absorb up to 60% of its own weight in excess moisture. Kinder to the planet too, because it is reusable! It can be wrapped in paper kitchen roll and microwaved for 3 to 5 minutes until the colour indicator changes to remove the captured moisture so you can use it over and over again.

It is ideal for keeping away that stale and musty smell from your car or van when it hasn’t been used for a while. You can still have a fresh-smelling vehicle to return to after leaving it at home while away on holiday.

Hillington Reusable Car Interior Dehumidifier Bag

Ideal for Use in Vehicles to Prevent Damp, Moisture, and Condensation (2 x 1KG)

The pillow contains silica crystals that draw condensation from the air instead of it building up on your windscreen and soft furnishings. It is small and neat measuring only: L21cm x W18cm x D4cm / L8″ x W7″ x D1″.

Why does my car windscreen get condensation on it?

This primarily occurs because of the temperature difference between the inside of the vehicle and outside. The inside of the vehicle will retain some warmth from use and will usually be warmer than the atmosphere outside the car. This is what causes condensation on the inside of the windscreen on cold mornings.

Objects left in the vehicle such as damp coats or clothes can worsen the issue of vehicle condensation. Used gym bags are a big culprit that is often not considered. It is also usually the case that the windscreen seal on older cars is compromised which can make condensation worse.

Regardless of why the humidity arises, it is important that the issue is tackled. A fogged windscreen in the mornings costs you both time and effort. It also has the potential to cause dangerous driving if you are in a big rush and don’t have the time to fully clear the windscreen before driving. The Apalus 1kg silica gel dehumidifier is the most value for money way to fix the issue in our opinion. It really is a set and forget product, rarely requiring any interventions on your own part outside of occasional drying out.

Car condensation can cause major problems for vehicles in storage. For example, if you spent a lot of money on a car or motor home in storage, you would not want your investment to be damaged by damp. For this reason, we recommend a moisture absorbing dehumidifier is placed in any vehicle in storage just as a precautionary measure. Keeping the garage itself at a good humidity level is important but interior humidity is an often-overlooked factor in classic car storage and maintenance. We hope the above product breakdowns assist you in choosing the best dehumidifier for your own car.

Other ways of reducing condensation in your car

Here are some alternative means of controlling humidity in your car. These methods are known to reduce the occurrence of foggy windscreen but will often not succeed on their own. We recommend using these methods as well as a car dehumidifier for best results.

  • Regularly Clean your Windscreen and Windows – Moisture particles require dirt or dust to form around. Therefore, more dust and dirt can equal more condensation. A clean windscreen or window will not fog up as easily as a dirty one. It is important to keep your windscreen and windows clean to reduce the frequency of foggy windscreen.
  • Air Circulation – Circulating air throughout the car will level out the humidity gradient between the inside and outside of the car and reduce foggy windscreen. This isn’t always practical as no one wants to open their windows all the way down before work on a cold British morning. This is where a car dehumidifier comes in handy and stops you having to expose yourself to the elements!
  • Use a Cloth – Keeping a cloth handy to wipe away the worst of the condensation is a classic tried and tested British method of keeping foggy windscreen at bay. We recommend keeping a cloth handy so you can wipe away any condensation that is left on the windscreen.
  • Keep Damp Clothes Away – Be aware of any damp items of clothing or other objects in your car. If these are left in your car overnight then you will more than likely have a foggy windscreen in the morning. If these items are left in the car for too long your vehicle may start to develop that dreaded mildew smell. This could result in passengers having quite an unpleasant experience in your car!
  • DIY Dehumidifier – DIY solutions such as cat litter have been known to have short term success. At the end of the day though, who wants to have a car full of cat litter? It is certainly not the James Bond solution to the issue of a foggy windscreen.

Wrap up

A foggy windscreen can be a real pain, and one of those small problems you keep saying you will get around to sorting but never do. Please take our advice on the best car dehumidifier and get yourself a product that will end the problem once and for all.

Apalus 1KG Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier

Dry Air, DMF Free, Reusable Moisture Absorber Bag, Automotive Dehumidifier, Keep Windows Fog-Free. Prevents Condensation and Mold, Includes 1 x Anti Slip Mat

We stand by the Apalus 1kg Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier as our number 1 pick for solving car humidity. It is reusable, easy to use, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. It is absolutely the best car dehumidifier. We hope you enjoyed this article, If you are having damp issues in a small room such as a bathroom or bedroom, please refer to our best dehumidifiers article.

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