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Best Disposable Dehumidifier_

What is the best disposable dehumidifier? This is an important question that may have left some of you confused. We list the best disposable dehumidifiers in this article and explain what you need to look for. There are some things to consider when buying a disposable dehumidifier and we will take a look at these now.

If you can’t wait and just want to know what the best disposable dehumidifiers and moisture absorbers are, here goes. Our number one recommendation is the Ansio 500ml pack of 5 sold on Amazon. They come at a fantastic price and you can easily distribute them around for maximum moisture absorption. Our second pick is the ever-popular Unibond Aero 360 available on Amazon. It is larger and more costly than the Ansio 500ml but it serves a bigger area, lasts longer, absorbs more moisture and looks more stylish. Let’s take a closer look at disposable dehumidifiers.

How do Disposable Dehumidifiers work?

Disposable dehumidifiers are also known as moisture absorbers are very simple devices. They typically come as a plastic container that holds some kind of crystalized desiccant or absorbent chemical. The crystals naturally absorb water from the surrounding air, this causes a chemical reaction that causes the crystals to liquefy and drip into the water container. The absorbent material comes either as small circular crystals in the Ansio 500ml or a circular tablet like the Unibond Aero 360.

Best disposable dehumidifiers

The top 3 disposable dehumidifiers on the market currently are as follows:

1 – Ansio 500ml pack of 5

The Ansio 500ml pack of 5 is the best-selling disposable dehumidifier on amazon. They offer great value and come in very cheap with a cost per unit of just a few pounds. They consume no electricity and are small and discrete. If you have a room suffering from some mild damp problems, 5 of these scattered around will help get rid of the problem. We have previously written about the Ansio 500ml here.

ANSIO Dehumidifier Pack

Dehumidifier Pack of 5 x 500ml

2 – Unibond Aero 360

The Unibond Aero 360 is probably the most famous disposable dehumidifier/moisture absorber in the UK. It costs more per unit than absorbers like the Ansio 500ml but claims to absorb more water, it also looks more stylish, is easily refillable and is safer. It consumes no electricity and does not look as out of place as other less stylish moisture absorbers. We like that these can be refilled as it is much more environmentally friendly than throwing out the whole unit. We have previously written a detailed review of the Unibond Aero 360 here.

UniBond AERO

Refillable Condensation Absorber, 1 Device incl. 1 Refill Tab 450


  • Higher moisture absorbtion rate
  • Ideal for rooms up to 20m2
  • Lasts 3 months per tab
  • Stylish
  • Made from 60% recycled plastic
  • 100% recycled box
  • Different scents available


  • More expensive than Ansio

Are Disposable Dehumidifiers Safe?

As a rule of thumb, you should assume that the active component of disposable dehumidifiers should never be consumed or come into contact with skin or eyes. For this reason, we do not recommend them for people with small children or pets. If you wish to proceed then you must put the disposable dehumidifiers out of reach of children and pets. If the contents are consumed then we recommend you pursue medical assistance immediately. Provided there is no risk of anyone/yourself consuming or coming into contact with the absorbent crystals, they are 100% safe.

Are Disposable Dehumidifiers Any Good?

Yes, disposable dehumidifiers are best suited to dealing with minor or mild damp issues. They are typically not powerful enough to cope with serious excess moisture issues. For moderate or severe damp and mould issues, we recommend you purchase an electric dehumidifier and read our best dehumidifiers guide. Disposable dehumidifiers are an excellent way of keeping small spaces such as storage units dry. They are a handy solution for keeping items such as cars and cupboards dry when not in use.

How to Use a Disposable Dehumidifier

Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly and then place them in an appropriate location. If you have multiple units, then we recommend you spread them around a room for maximum effect. It is also better to place them next to the areas that may be suffering from condensation such as window sills and corners in between walls.

Final Thought

The Ansio 500ml 5 pack and Unibond Aero 360 are without a doubt the two best disposable dehumidifiers/moisture absorbers on the market. They offer a cost-effective solution to minor-mild damp issues in small spaces. They are best suited for keeping items in storage or small spaces dry. More moderate to severe damp issues will certainly benefit from a full-sized electric dehumidifier. We hope you have learned all you need to know about disposable dehumidifiers and moisture absorbers. Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.

ANSIO Dehumidifier Pack

Dehumidifier Pack of 5 x 500ml

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