Ultimate Caravan Dehumidifier Guide

Caravan at night, excess moisture is bad for caravans and a dehumidifier can remedy the issue

So you have been doing some research on the internet and have come across the concept of using a caravan dehumidifier. You are probably concerned about protecting the investment you have made in your caravan or motorhome. We were wondering the same thing and did some research on the topic to see if a caravan dehumidifier was worth it. Here’s what we found . . .

Dehumidifier for Caravan

Small and very compact dehumidifier for caravans and motorhomes

Yes, a caravan dehumidifier can be a very useful tool for protecting your caravan or motorhome from damp. We found that excess moisture trapped in a caravan for an extended period of time can have negative consequences. These include damp, bad smells and blistered paint. This can be prevented by keeping your caravan drys by using a caravan dehumidifier. This will keep your caravan dry, damp-free and smelling fresh.

Do I Need a Caravan Dehumidifier?

How do you know if you need a caravan dehumidifier? We believe most caravan owners should invest in a caravan dehumidifier and here is why . . .

Moisture can damage your caravan

During periods of use or storage, excess moisture can become trapped in your caravan. The impact of this is that the interior of your caravan will be exposed to a high level of moisture over a long period of time. The consequences of this can be things like upholstery becoming moldy or mildewy and paint bubbling/peeling.

A lot of moisture is produced when using your caravan

Activities such as cooking, boiling the kettle, breathing, and showering all produce a large amount of moisture. In the summertime, this might not be a problem because you can simply ensure all windows and doors are open and let the moist air out. But what if the weather isn’t so good or it’s wintertime or dark? Now the moisture might be a problem as you don’t want to let the outside air in.

Moisture can get trapped when in storage

Storing your caravan immediately after using it can result in moist air being trapped in the caravan. This is a bigger problem if the caravan is stored in a garage or compound because there is very minimal airflow. If the caravan is then left for weeks or months in storage, don’t be surprised to come back and find upholstery that smells of mildew and an overall musty and damp feeling inside the caravan.

What Does a Caravan Dehumidifier Do?

Dehumidifier for Caravan

Small and very compact dehumidifier for caravans and motorhomes

One of the best ways to prevent moisture damaging your caravan or motorhome is to utilize a caravan dehumidifier. These work by extracting moisture from the surrounding air and blowing out dry air. It is possible to get non-electronic versions which use moisture absorbent crystals, we will cover these as well in a moment. There are 2 types of dehumidifier you should consider for a caravan.

The first is a dehumidifier to use whilst using the caravan. This is when most moisture will be produced from showering, cooking, breathing, etc. If you are planning on using your caravan outside of the summer months then we consider a fully electric dehumidifier a necessity. It will allow you to keep moisture under control and keep your caravan and everything in it crisp and dry.

We have given you a solid recommendation below. If you feel this option isn’t for you then please see our detailed reviews for the Meaco Brand, Pro Breeze brand and mini dehumidifier reviews.

Best Dehumidifier for Caravan

Meaco ABC Range 10L

The Meaco is easily our number 1 recommendation for caravans in use. It has a massive extraction rate and offers excellent value. We have chosen this model for caravan use because as well as being powerful, it is exceptionally quiet (35-40Db) and uses a tiny 160w of electricity.

Most 10L dehumidifiers create significantly more noise and are nowhere near as efficient as this model. For a caravan, you want something quiet that will not disturb you and something that will not use a lot of electricity.

We challenge anyone to find a better model of dehumidifier for a caravan because we sure couldn’t find one.

Best Moisture Absorber for Storage

We have recommended a fully electric, powerful dehumidifier for when the caravan is being used. This is because most moisture will be produced during these times. But what about when it isn’t in use? For most people, running an electric dehumidifier year-round, even during storage periods is not practical or desirable. No significant moisture will be produced in storage and some air will get in through the ventilation holes.

For storage periods and the off-season, we recommend an ordinary moisture absorber. This will ensure that any moisture trapped in your caravan doesn’t cause any problems when not in use. A moisture absorber is an insurance policy that makes sure any trapped moisture won’t cause any problems. After any period of usage, there will always be some moisture leftover within upholstery or in the air, this should be taken care of.

Ansio Moisture Absorber – 500ml 10 pack

We did a market review and found the Ansio 500ml 10 pack to be one of the best moisture absorbers on the market. They are very favourably reviewed and offer great value. They work by using hydrophilic crystals to draw moisture out of the surrounding air. They do not work as fast or extract as much water as an electric dehumidifier but they do the job.

These are perfect for storage periods when you need to make sure any leftover moisture doesn’t cause any problems. These offer amazing value for the price and you get 10 units which each last for 4-6 weeks each. We recommend using 2-3 at once during storage periods for optimal effectiveness.

ANSIO Dehumidifier Pack of 10 x 500ml

Condensation Remover Moisture Absorber, Dehumidifiers for Damp, Mould, Moisture

Other Options For Preventing Damp

During our research, we came across a few other essential things you need to do to keep damp at bay. These will really help you keep your caravan or motorhome nice and dry and smelling fresh.


Maintaining proper ventilation is a must when keeping a caravan free of damp. This is easy in the summer months because you can just pop all the windows and doors open. This becomes an issue in winter or colder periods when you want to keep the caravan warm inside and not let the outside air in. A caravan dehumidifier is perfect for these situations when you want to prevent excess moisture in colder periods.

Most caravans have ventilation holes that will allow some fresh air in. This may help let some moisture out, but to really keep your caravan dry in storage we still recommend you use a moisture absorber such as the Ansio Moisture absorber. This is essential if your caravan is stored in an indoor compound or building. as there will be less air circulation.


You will find that the upholstery in your caravan will soak up moisture during heavy use. This then evaporates when the caravan is no longer in use and can result in condensation and possibly damp when in storage. We always recommend that you store upholstery in a manner that will allow for air to circulate around it. For example, take any cushions and stand them on end to allow air to flow around them.

The best way to stop upholstery from absorbing moisture in the first instance is to use an electric dehumidifier such as the Meaco 10L reviewed above. This will absorb moisture that results from cooking, showering and other activities and keep your caravan nice and dry ready for storage.

DIY Dehumidifier

If you are on a seriously tight budget then we have a super cheap option for you. You could leave a tray of cat litter in the caravan during storage. This option doesn’t look cool and might sound odd, but cat litter is a great and cheap moisture absorber. We still recommend a proper moisture absorber manufactured for this purpose but in a pinch, cat litter might do the trick.

Wrap Up

Dehumidifier for Caravan

Small and very compact dehumidifier for caravans and motorhomes

We have seen how excess moisture occurs and how it can have negative impacts on your caravan. A significant amount of moisture is released when doing everyday activities inside the caravan such as cooking and showering. We know that an electric dehumidifier can eliminate this problem and is particularly useful in the winter months when you don’t want to have to open a window and let in cold air.

We also know that when a caravan is stored immediately after use, some trapped excess moisture can linger and cause issues if left unchecked. The best and easiest way to deal with this is to leave a moisture absorber such as the Ansio 500ml in the caravan. This will take care of any trapped moisture and make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises when you next use the caravan.

We hope this article has armed you with the knowledge you need to ensure your caravan stays fresh and damp free year-round. We care about our readers and only recommend products that we know you actually NEED and offer VALUE. We never recommend something that we don’t think would be 100% useful to our readers and that is why we are trusted. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.

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