DOUHE 1000ml Dehumidifier Review – Any Good?

DOUHE 1000ml review
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The DOUHE 1000ml dehumidifier is a new mini dehumidifier that has become incredibly popular on Amazon. As we specialise in home climate, we simply had to get our hands on one and review the DOUHE 1000ml dehumidifier. Curious to see how it performed? You have come to the right place, let’s take a look and compare it to other models.

The DOUHE 1000ml is an ok mini dehumidifier and it has its place in the market. One of the biggest positives of this model is the price. It comes in at one of the cheapest mini dehumidifiers. It has a fair extraction rate at 400-450ml/day, comparable to other models. It comes with basic features such as auto shut-off when full and LED lights. The extraction rate and price make it an ok choice for small rooms with low to moderate moisture problems. It would suit a small single bedroom or a large cupboard.

DOUHE 1000ml Dehumidifier Review

What we like

The DOUHE 1000ml comes in cheap when compared to similar mini dehumidifiers. We think it offers a fair extraction rate for the price. The 7 different LED colours to choose from are a cool addition.

What we don’t like

There are no unique features that really set the DOUHE 1000ml apart besides price. We would also rather see a 450ml extraction rate consume only 23 watts.


  • 400-450ml/day extraction rate
  • 1L water tank
  • 39dB
  • Auto shut-off
  • 40 watts
  • 15 x 15 x 25 cm
  • 1.3Kg
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The key performance metrics for most mini dehumidifiers are price and extraction rate. The DOUHE 1000ml comes with a decent extraction rate at a reasonable price. Typically we see dehumidifiers with this extraction rate costing more than this one does. This dehumidifier is suitable for spaces of 5-15m2, making it ideal for small rooms. It would be perfect for small bedrooms where you have slight condensation forming on windows and walls. More significant moisture issues will definitely require a bigger dehumidifier such as the Meaco ABC Range 10L.

One of the areas the DOUHE 1000ml suffers in is energy consumption. It comes in at 40 watts, whilst this is not particularly high, it is higher than many similar mini dehumidifiers which consume 23 watts. Despite this criticism, 40 watts is still within a normal range for mini dehumidifiers and is somewhat compensated for by the cheaper price. On water tank size, the DOUHE 1000ml compares quite favourable to other mini dehumidifiers as they typically have smaller water tanks than one litre.


Unfortunately, there is not much to cover in the way of features. If you are looking for value for money, powerful mini dehumidifier packing plenty of features. We recommend you check out the UGHEY 2300ml mini dehumidifier. We have written a full review of the UGHEY 2300ml in this article.

Auto shut-off

This is a simple feature that should come with any modern dehumidifier. It allows the dehumidifier to fill up when the water tank is full. This is useful as it presents spillage and energy wastage.

7 Colour LEDs

Whilst not a feature which impacts performance, they are a nice one to have in terms of cosmetics. We like this as it allows you to select your favourite colour or one which matches your decor.

DOUHE 1000ml Dehumidifier Comparison

To really test a dehumidifier, we need to compare it to others in its price range. In this case, we will compare the DOUHE 1000ml to another best-seller at this price point, the Pro Breeze 500ml.

ModelDOUHE 1000mlPro Breeze 500ml
Water Tank1L0.5L

This is why we like the DOUHE 1000ml in its price point. It compares very favourably to other best sellers. We can see it has a larger extraction rate and water tank than the Pro Breeze 500ml. Higher extraction rates mean it will dehumidify a space faster and help you get rid of moisture in a timely manner. The water tank is double the size meaning you will need to empty it less often.

The downside of this is that the DOUHE 1000ml consumes more energy than the Pro Breeze. This isn’t necessarily a downsize, however. We are buying a dehumidifier to help us remove moisture so why would we not want one with a higher extraction rate? For these smaller units, differences in energy consumption are not particularly significant in typical circumstances.

Finally, we can see that the Pro Breeze is slightly lighter, but this shouldn’t really matter in a mini dehumidifier. The DOUHE also has the added benefit of looking more stylish than the Pro Breeze 500ml. The higher extraction rate, larger water tank and LED lights make it the winner for us.

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1000ml Small Dehumidifier Mini Electric Dehumidifier, Air Cleaner, Portable and Compact Ultra Quiet

Final Thought

The DOUHE 1000ml was well worth reviewing. We can see it considerably outperforms other units at this price point. It would be ideal for small spaces with mild damp problems. For moderate or serious damp and condensation issues, we highly recommend avoiding a mini dehumidifier and getting a larger more powerful unit. If this describes you, then please read our best dehumidifiers guide. We hope you find this Douhe 1000ml dehumidifier review useful, please feel free to contact us if you need further advice or have any questions.

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