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Dry Soon Drying Pod – How Does It Work?

The typical household can do 2 loads of laundry daily depending on how many people inhabit the home. In a modern home, a washer and dryer is almost an essential entity, but the primary drawback to dryers is their consumption of electricity and their negative impact on various fabrics. Believe it or not, there is a better way to dry your clothes and it is known as the Dry Soon Drying Pod.

The Dry Soon Drying Pod is a small, efficient clothes dryer that uses far less energy than a standard electric dryer and is safer on any fabric. The unit weighs just 3.54kg and is among the most portable drying units on the market today. The Drying Pod works quickly and efficiently to dry clothes without damaging delicate fabrics. The unit does not tumble dry, but instead allows up to 12 items of clothing to hang in the balloon style unit to allow warm, drying air to gently dry your clothes. It plugs into a standard home outlet and there is no need to vent the unit as with a standard electric tumble dry system.

Dry:Soon Drying Pod

Dries laundry quickly and efficiently | Circulates hot air around your clothes | Holds up to 12 items on hangers | Reduces creases and ironing time | Perfect for delicates 62cm Dia. x 146cm H.

Dry Soon Drying Pod Benefits – Are They Good?

There are significant benefits to using the Dry Soon system. The gentle drying feature ensures your clothing will last longer saving your money over time. Additionally, the unit is portable, so taking it with you on trips where drying clothes might be a problem is easy. The Drying Pod is lightweight and highly effective at drying clothes. It also reduces the need to iron clothes saving you significant time on your laundry routine. Clothes remain hanging, so wrinkles work themselves out naturally.

Dry Soon Drying Pod Vs. Tumble Dry

For so long we have taken for granted how we dry out clothes. Tumble dry machines pull significant energy costing us a lot of money each month. They are known for decimating delicate fabrics and can often be loud while running.

The Dry Soon Drying Pod does not require a significant drain on your energy bill and utilizes gentle heat ideal for virtually all fabrics. Once you have used the drying pod, you will realize your clothes remain beautiful longer as they are not diminished by the tumble dry effect.

Dry Soon Drying Pod Vs, Standard Drying Rack

Drying racks are portable and can be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors. They require no electricity and this is the primary reason so many people use these devices. However, the use of a drying rack is limiting. If you need to use a shirt the following day, it may or may not be dry by morning. Additionally, placing drying racks outdoors can be limiting as a sudden downpour can completely ruin your laundry day.

With the Dry Soon Drying Pod, there is never an issue with weather or ensuring your clothes are properly dried for the following day. It takes very little time for the unit to effectively dry clothes and there is never a need to resort to outside drying. The unit is small, compact, and portable just alike a drying rack, but it is far more efficient than merely allowing air in your home to dry your clothes.

How Long Does Dry Soon Drying Pod Take to Dry?

With the Drying Pod, you can expect to have perfectly dried clothes between 1 to 3 hours. The amount of time depends on how many clothes are in the unit, but again, it is far more beneficial then a standard tumble dry machine or a drying rack.

Can I Leave Dry Soon Drying Pod on Overnight?

The Dry Soon Drying Pod is the ideal clothes drying solution for anyone. It uses very little energy and can be plugged into a standard home outlet. The portable, gentle heat of the unit does allow it to be used during the night or while not at home. The unit does not overheat, so there is very little risk of a fire. The Drying Pod is safe to use around children, pets, and with disabled individuals as it is remarkably lightweight and offers gentle heating.

Dry:Soon Drying Pod

Dries laundry quickly and efficiently | Circulates hot air around your clothes | Holds up to 12 items on hangers | Reduces creases and ironing time | Perfect for delicates 62cm Dia. x 146cm H.


There are a variety of different ways to effectively dry clothes. However, not every type is ideal. Tumble dry systems dry quickly and with high heat, but they run the risk of damaging fabric and uses a lot of energy to run. Drying racks are gentle on fabric, but can take forever to dry clothes.

The Dry Soon Drying Pod is different than both of these drying methods and it is far more beneficial as well. The unit uses minimal energy and provides substantial drying ability. Dry up to 12 articles of clothing between 1 to 3 hours without negatively impacting the fabric. The Dry Soon Drying Pod has proven to be among the best drying systems on the market today to help make your laundry routine easier and more efficient than ever before.

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