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Most energy efficient dehumidifier

Soaring energy bills are on everyone’s mind at the moment. This issue affects many of us, so we decided to find and review the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers on the market. Purchasing an energy-efficient dehumidifier has many advantages such as cheaper energy bills.

We spent hours researching to find and review the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers on the market. Well, we found some truly amazing and efficient picks for you.

We actually found that over the long term, a more expensive and efficient unit will pay for itself when compared to less efficient and cheaper units! An energy-efficient dehumidifier is also an excellent idea for anyone who is becoming environmentally conscious as it requires less electricity to run and is more environmentally friendly.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks . . .

1. The Pro Breeze 1500ml – A fantastic budget option for an energy-efficient unit, consumes 40 watts per hour.

Pro Breeze® 1500ml Dehumidifier

Removes Damp, Mould, Moisture

2. The Meaco ABC Range 12L – By Far the most energy-efficient 12L unit on the market, consumes a staggeringly low 160 watts. A 10L version is also available.

Meaco MeacoDry ABC Dehumidifier 12L

Ultra Quiet Dehumidifier

3. Meaco 20L Platinum Range Low Energy Dehumidifier – The most energy-efficient 20L model on the market by a country mile. It has many awards and you can’t argue with this choice.

Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier and Air Purifier

2 in 1- Dehumidifier For Medium to Large Size Homes

Why Should You Get an Energy-Efficient Dehumidifier?

There are several reasons to get an energy-efficient dehumidifier. The number one reason is to save money on running costs. Think about it, if you use the dehumidifier constantly, the running costs are going to add up over time. Over a long period of time, this could mean that the so-called “cheap” dehumidifier you bought is not so cheap after all.

Sometimes investing more money upfront in a premium, energy-efficient dehumidifier can be the best course of action. The extra money you pay now can easily be regained through the reduction in energy costs you will pay. It also means you are less likely to worry about how long you are using the dehumidifier. The last thing you need when trying to prevent damp and maintain a dry home is to be worrying about energy costs.

Having a cheap to run dehumidifier allows you to make the most of features such as “laundry mode” and maximum fan speed without worrying about how much it is going to cost you. Most companies blindly recommend products without telling you that cheaper dehumidifiers are usually less energy efficient. Compared to the choices we are bringing you today, cheaper versions use significantly more energy, sometimes up to 150% more.

How Much Money Could You Save

This is a good question and probably why you are here! To summarise exactly how much you could save, we have gone to the trouble of making a very interesting table. The table compares our selected units with cheaper units with the same water extraction capacity. The results will surprise you and highlight how cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

Meaco ABC 12L1603p71.2p🏆
EcoAir DC122304.3p£1🥈
Meaco Platinum 20L2554.7p£1.1🏆
Pro Breeze 20L4508.3p£2🥈

*Calculated using the UK Average rate of 18.54p/kWh (December 2019 tariff) source:

As you can see, the units we have recommended are significantly cheaper to run than the “cheaper alternatives!” Ok, but what do a few pence a day mean to me? We can hear you asking this so we have made ANOTHER table to show you exactly what these savings can add up to over the course of a day or month. The following table assumes you left the dehumidifiers on for 24 hours a day to compare energy savings.

Model£ saved per hr£ saved per day£ saved per month
Meaco ABC 12L vs EcoAir DC121.3p32p£9.36 💸
Meaco Platinum 20L vs Pro Breeze 20L3.6p86p£25.8 💸

*Calculated using the UK Average rate of 18.54p/kWh (December 2019 tariff) source:

THIS is why we recommend getting an energy-efficient model if you can afford it. If you were to go for the Meaco Platinum 20L instead of the Pro Breeze 20L and leave it on constantly, you could save up to £25 a month in energy costs. This really is astounding and a great reason to prioritize purchasing an energy-efficient unit in the first instance.

It’s Good for the Environment!

Here is the other benefit of owning an energy-efficient dehumidifier. Not only will it save you money, but the environment will thank you. Many people are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment and climate change, rightly so.

Obviously purchasing an energy-efficient model isn’t going to save the world, but it’s a step in the right direction towards lowering you and your family’s carbon footprint. The climate AND your wallet will thank you for choosing an energy-efficient unit!

Budget Pick – Pro Breeze 1500ml

Pro Breeze® 1500ml Dehumidifier for Damp, Mould, Moisture

Small & compact

Why we recommend it

This is our number one BUDGET pick for an energy-efficient dehumidifier. Why? because it is one of the biggest mini dehumidifiers you can buy that only consumes 40 watts and is relatively cheap.

It has an extraction rate of up to 500ml a day which is almost unbeatable in the 40 watts range. It beats many other 40-watt dehumidifiers in terms of performance and extraction rate.

The Pro Breeze 1500ml is an energy-efficient solution to minor damp issues in small to medium-sized rooms. Many people who purchased this model said it helped them get rid of damp and condensation issues in their homes.

To demonstrate the efficiency of this model compared to the extraction rate, we have compared it to another 40w dehumidifier.

ModelPowerExtraction RateMost Efficient
Pro Breeze 1500ml40 watt500ml 🏆
Auzkin 1000ml 40 watt450ml 🥈

As you can see the Pro Breeze 1500ml beats popular competitors in terms of efficiency. This is why we think it makes an excellent choice. As well as being efficient it is also highly portable and sleek looking. This model offers more of a punch than other mini models but a lower water extraction rate than the larger capacity models.

Most efficient 12L – Meaco ABC 12L

Meaco MeacoDry ABC Dehumidifier 12L

Ultra Quiet Dehumidifier

Why we recommend it

As well as being one of the most energy-efficient dehumidifiers on the market, this is one of our favourite all-around picks. This model really is one of the best, if not THE best medium-sized units you can buy right now.

It has a 12L per day extraction rate and only uses a tiny 160 watts! You will struggle to find this type of performance anywhere else. We have previously done a full review of this model in our Meaco review guide.

As well as having a crazy low power consumption, the Meaco ABC 12L comes with useful features such as laundry mode and can actually serve as an alternative to the tumble dryer. This one is so quiet, you can actually sleep with this one in your bedroom if you wanted to!

We have compared the Meaco ABC 12L to a few other popular 12L dehumidifiers so you can see for yourself how efficient it is.

ModelPowerExtraction RateMost Efficient
Meaco ABC 12L16012L🏆
ElectriQ 12L18512L🥈
Pro Breeze 12L22012L🥉

We challenge anyone to find a more energy-efficient 12L dehumidifier than the Meaco ABC 12L. It is simply unbeatable compared to other popular 12L dehumidifiers. It has the added bonus of being super quiet and having useful features such as a timer and inbuilt humidistat. We also love the fact that there are a number of units to choose from, we personally love the black or gold version. For more info please see our detailed review.

Most Efficient 20L – Meaco Platinum 20L

Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier and Air Purifier 2 in 1

Controls Humidity & Cleans Air All Year Round with HEPA filter

Why we recommend it

The Meaco Platinum 20L is not a difficult model to recommend. It has won many awards and is simply one of the best top-end units on the market right now.

It is virtually unparalleled in terms of efficiency, features and noise level amongst 20L dehumidifiers. It is hard to believe that this model only consumes 255 watts at a capacity of 20L. Some manufacturer tests have reported even lower power consumption than the stated 255 watts.

As well as being the most efficient 20L dehumidifier, it offers amazing features such as automatic shut off, auto restart (for power cuts), turbo mode, silent mode, and a MASSIVE 6L water tank.

We previously mentioned how this model could save up to £25 per month in energy costs compared to other leading 20L dehumidifiers. This is why we love to recommend this model, these savings will easily justify the additional cost over a period of a few months.

ModelPowerExtraction RateMost Efficient
Meaco Platinum 20L25520L🏆
Netta 20L38020L🥈
Pro Breeze 20L45020L🥉

The 20L dehumidifiers are where you really start to see big differences in energy consumption. The difference between the Meaco Platinum 20L and the Pro Breeze 20L is staggering. The Meaco 20L has the added bonus of optional HEPA filters, making it one of the best choices for users with hay fever or other allergies.

Final word

We know that a dehumidifier is one of the best tools for fighting condensation, damp and mould. What many people aren’t aware of though is just how much electricity they use to run. We have seen that many popular dehumidifiers actually use quite a lot of electricity, much more than energy-efficient models.

Meaco MeacoDry ABC Dehumidifier 12L

Ultra Quiet Dehumidifier

Choosing an energy-efficient dehumidifier can save you a lot of money over time and this is a great reason to buy one. You might think ‘well why should I buy a more expensive dehumidifier?’ The answer is simple, a cheaper unit might look like a good choice on the surface, but in reality, it might cost you in the long run. Investing in a higher quality unit such as the Meaco 12L or 20L from the get-go might actually be a better investment.

We hope you found this article useful and we hope we have brought your attention to the hidden world of how much it costs to run a dehumidifier. We believe that the recommendations we have put forward today are high-quality products that you can’t go wrong with. So make a decision today that is good for your wallet AND the environment!

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