Hometronix 12L Dehumidifier Review – Is It Any Good?

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There is a new 12L dehumidifier on the block, the Hometronix 12L. There is a lot of buzz on the market about the new Hometronix 12L and it has received some rave reviews from consumers and trusted reviewers. Please read on for our full review.

The Hometronix 12L is a very good dehumidifier and currently offers some of the best value on the market. The Hometronix 12L offers some of the best performance for the price that we have seen. It offers a high capacity, large water tank, handy features and offers excellent value at this price point. We really like the Hometronix 12L as a cheaper 12L dehumidifier.

Hometronix 12L Dehumidifier Review

What we like

The Hometronix 12L has burst onto the scene and has been very well received. It offers excellent value for the specifications and has received VERY positive reviews.

Whilst not one of the most recognizable brands the Hometronix 12L packs a punch and a significant number of useful features.

  • Up to 12L/day extraction rate
  • 2L water tank
  • Suitable for large room/small house
  • Digital control panel
  • 165 watts
  • Multiple fan speeds
  • Auto-off
  • Continuous drain house
  • Laundry mode
  • Night mode
  • 11.8kg
Allied UK HOMETRONIX 12L Dehumidifier

Mould Moisture Damp Extraction with Air Purifier 24 Hour Timer LED Display Laundry Drying Function


Firstly the most important stat, the extraction rate. The Hometronix 12L puts up big numbers with an up to 12L a day extraction rate. This is significant for this price point and only offered by a few other units. If you are looking for something on the cheaper end to remove mould or damp, this could be a good bet.

A 12L dehumidifier is ideal for keeping large rooms or small houses mould and damp-free. Damp is a problem many of us can become unfortunately plagued with, usually seasonally in the UK. By keeping humidity down with a dehumidifier, you can significantly reduce its impacts and prevent it from progressing to mould growth.

One feature we love about the Hometronix 12L is the 2L water tank. This is larger than similar models such as the Netta 12L. There are several interesting features on top of this such as laundry mode and quiet mode. Let’s dive further into these.


The strong point of the Hometronix 12L is the wide array of features that aren’t always a given in a 12L. The most useful is laundry mode. Dehumidifiers can be a fantastic alternative to using a tumble dryer to dry clothes. It sets the dehumidifier into a fast fan speed which can allow you to dry clothes extremely quickly. For best results, hang clothes in a small room with the dehumdifier switched to laundry mode and leave for a few hours. Not only will you get rid of damp but also have a fantastic aid for drying clothes!

Allied UK HOMETRONIX 12L Dehumidifier

Mould Moisture Damp Extraction with Air Purifier 24 Hour Timer LED Display Laundry Drying Function

The Hometronix 12L also comes with a humidistat and timer. The humidistat lets you know the % humidity by using colourful LEDs which anyone can understand. Glowing blue means <45% humidity, green 45%-65% and red >65%. This is a very handy feature and saves you from buying a separate humidistat to identify the humidity level! The timer is perfect for setting the dehumidifier to run while you sleep to keep humidity low. This way, you might not even notice the dehumidifier running as it will switch on after you normally fall asleep and switch off before you wake up.

If you need to run the Hometronix 12L at night, then you need not worry as it has a sleep mode. This turns the fan down to less than 36dB so you can get a good night’s rest while the dehumidifier does its work.

Allied UK HOMETRONIX 12L Dehumidifier

Mould Moisture Damp Extraction with Air Purifier 24 Hour Timer LED Display Laundry Drying Function

If you don’t like the idea of having to consistently empty a water tank, you can use the continuous drain hose feature. This allows you to plumb the dehumidifier to a drain via a long rubber hose. This way, you never have to manually empty it and you can save serious time.


You have heard lots of the strong points of the Hometronix 12L, now its time to compare it to another well known 12L dehumidifer. Below we have compared the Hometronix 12L to the Netta 12L to see how they stack up.

NETTA Dehumidifier 12L/Day

Digital Control Panel, Air Filter, Continuous Drainage, Auto Restart, Timer, 1.5L Water Tank

Hometronix 12LMetricNetta 12L
2L Water Tank1.5L
11.8KgWeight10.5 Kg

Where do we begin? Whilst both dehumidifiers offer an impressive 12L/day capacity, the Hometronix 12L edges out the Netta in terms of water tank size. The 0.2L difference doesn’t sound that much and it isn’t, but it will mean you need to empty the tank less frequently.

Wattage is a huge point in favour of the Hometronix 12L. We have previously covered the huge savings you can make with a more efficient dehumidifier and it is something you should not ignore. The Hometronix 12L is significantly cheaper to run than the Netta and you would make big savings powering it over the long term as a result.

The Netta narrowly wins on portability as the Hometronix 12L weighs an extra Kg or so. Despite this, the Hometronix 12L offers 4 wheels to allow you to move it around if you would struggle to manually move it.

Factoring in the above, we would confidently state that the Hometronix 12L is an excellent 12L dehumidifier and compares very well to other leading 12L dehumidifiers, we think the energy efficiency alone is enough to choose this model over the competitor.

A final note on style and appearance. Both are quite stylish but being mostly white and quite discreet, the Hometronix 12L might blend into most rooms better than the Netta.

Ratings and Value

The Hometronix 12L has made quite an impact on the dehumidifier scene and has quickly risen in popularity. It is unusual for a dehumidifier to become so popular so quickly but we can see why.

Allied UK HOMETRONIX 12L Dehumidifier

Mould Moisture Damp Extraction with Air Purifier 24 Hour Timer LED Display Laundry Drying Function

When reviewing public opinion on this dehumidifier, we can see that many people were confused as there are lots available in this price point. The deciding factor for many customers appears to be the number of features available. The laundry mode AND quiet mode really set this model apart from its competitors.

Most users claim the dehumidifier has had a big impact in removing damp and mould from their living spaces. Users also love being able to set a target humidity level, this feature is not a given at this price point.

Wrap Up

Damp and mould indoors can be a huge problem and choosing a dehumidifier can sometimes be confusing. We know this and we always try and do the hard work for you when it comes to bringing you only the best products. Indoor air solutions are happy to put our stamp of approval on the Hometronix 12L and would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a dehumidifier at this price point. We hope you found this Hometronix 12L dehumidifier review informative. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us if you would like to contribute or require more information.

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