Meaco 12L ABC Range Dehumidifier Review

Meaco ABC 10L Dehumidifier
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There is a lot of buzz surrounding the Meaco 12L ABC range dehumidifier, it has rapidly emerged as the best 12L dehumidifier on the market. We have conducted some research into the Meaco 12L (we compared it with Meaco 20L here) to see if it really lives up to the title of the best dehumidifier. The Meaco 12L dehumidifier is suitable for houses and apartments. It offers several features and a large 12Liter capacity, with a range of attractive colours for your unique style. We like the high performance of the Meaco 12L ABC Range and its highly rated energy efficiency which is top of the range.

The Meaco 12L ABC Range is a high-tech, fast, easy to operate, and high capacity dehumidifier. If you’re looking for a quiet, compact, efficient, and attractive machine, the MeacoDry 12L dehumidifier is the dehumidifier for you. You will experience a drier, warmer interior and enhanced air quality throughout your house. The dehumidifier enjoys a high customer satisfaction rating, read on for a more detailed review of this high-grade dehumidifier.

Meaco 12L ABC Range Dehumidifier Review

What we like

The award-winning MeacoDry is an excellent all-round dehumidifier known for being super energy efficient. Meaco is one of, if not THE leading brands in the UK and Ireland. Users love the compact design, unique features and high capacity.

It runs quietly and efficiently to reduce dampness and condensation around the house. We love that Meaco produce many different colours. You can decide which suits your style, we like the gold one!


  • Laundry mode setting
  • 12L capacity
  • 2.6L water tank
  • Auto defrost
  • Ultra-quiet compressor
  • Auto shut-off
  • Suitable for homes and flats
  • Low-cost operation
  • Auto-off timer
  • Multiple setting options
  • Compact, lightweight design
Meaco MeacoDry ABC Dehumidifier

12L – Ultra Quiet Dehumidifier – Energy Efficient Electric Compressor Dehumidifier


The highlight of this dehumidifier is its energy efficiency. While operating at 15.2p/kWh, its output costs as little as 2.45p per hour. The Quiet Mark technology allows the machine to operate at a mere 35dB, which is considerably quieter than other comparative brands. At its highest point of 40dB, it still beats the competition for less background noise. Most people will be able to sleep comfortably throughout this noise level.

The 12L water extraction rate allows the Meaco 12L ABC to quickly remove moisture and halt damp and mould in its tracks. The Meaco 12L is ideal for large rooms, flats or whole houses where the humidity level needs to be brought under control to prevent coindensation and damp.


  • Easy to set up
  • Remove condensation and damp
  • Super energy-efficient
  • The filter is easy to clean
  • Excellent water extraction capability
  • Extra-quiet operation
  • Laundry mode
  • 12 Liter extraction rate


  • More expensive than other brands
  • No moveable louevre
Meaco MeacoDry ABC Dehumidifier

12L – Ultra Quiet Dehumidifier – Energy Efficient Electric Compressor Dehumidifier

The Meaco ABC Range 12L dehumidifier offers several features that set it apart as an industry leader.


There are several features offered by the Meaco 12L ABC not present in other 12L dehumidifiers. It offers a variety of useful settings and features which we will look at below.

Auto Shut-off

The feature reduces spills when the tank reaches full capacity. Also, the tank is easy to empty, with an optional continuous drainage outlet for those who wish to use it.

Auto-off timer

The automatic off-timer allows you to decide how long you want the dehumidifier to run for to ensure you conserve energy.

Auto defrost

Compressor dehumidifiers operate at a considerably lower temperature than the room they are operating in. This causes compressor dehumidifiers to become frozen at low temperatures. This feature ensures that this doesn’t happen as it will automatically defrost.

Laundry mode

The machine can operate in laundry mode for up to six hours at full capacity. You can use it to dry laundry on a nearby clothes horse overnight or when you’re away from home. Customers like that there’s no need to use a radiator to dry damp laundry. They also like that the clothes dry more evenly and smell fresher.  A dehumidifier is a fantastic alternative to the tumble dryer.


The control settings show the humidity levels in each room, with options to adjust as needed. The humidistat allows the dehumidifier to shut off whenever it reaches the desired humidity level, periodically tests the air, and automatically restarts when the humidity rises back above the target threshhold. There’s a child lock feature also that prevents tampering by small children. It ensures an additional layer of safety in the house. 

Quiet Operation

The Quiet Mark technology allows the dehumidifier to run on a low fan speed for a quieter environment. It blends in with everyday household noise, with no disruptions or vibrations. The Meaco 12L is one of the questest dehumidifiers on the market. We did a study on quiet dehumidifiers and found that the Meaco 12L was the best of the bunch.


The machine is lightweight and compact and easy to move around. It is useful in bedrooms, utility/laundry, conservatories, basements, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and garden rooms.

Meaco MeacoDry ABC Dehumidifier

12L – Ultra Quiet Dehumidifier – Energy Efficient Electric Compressor Dehumidifier


Meaco 12LMetricPro Breeze 12L
2.6L Water Tank1.8L
10.5KgWeight9.5 Kg

Both dehumidifiers are leaders in the industry and share excellent customer reviews. Further to this, Meaco 12L operates on significantly less wattage than the Pro Breeze 12L, so you reap substantial savings on overall energy costs. Both machines run neck and neck in similar features, the Pro Breeze takes the cake for portability. It has four wheels that make it more comfortable to maneuver from place to place. Although portable, the MeacoDry dehumidifier is heavier and has no wheels.

The MeacoDry boasts of excellent water-extracting ability and overall high performance. This performance allows it to hold its own easily among some of the top machines on the market. In comparing it to the Pro Breeze, the MeacoDry offers several attractive colours that compliment any décor. Besides colour customisation, the water tank capacity on the MeacoDry is slignificantly larger than the Pro Breeze.  

The ProBreeze offers a few additional features that the MeacoDry does not provide. The design and technology of the MeacoDry consist of beautifully contoured edges that fit well in smaller spaces. Overall, we think the MeacoDry stands out for its low consumption energy savings and is an excellent all-around dehumidifier. Considering these factors, the Meaco 12L is the better purchase as it will be significantly cheaper to run and save you money long term.

Meaco MeacoDry ABC Dehumidifier

12L – Ultra Quiet Dehumidifier – Energy Efficient Electric Compressor Dehumidifier

Ratings and Value

The MeacoDry dehumidifier is a high flier among customers for its high performance, versatility, and reliability. Many users attest to its ability to pull water from the air quickly and efficiently. It comes in an attractive, user-friendly design that’s easy to maneuver and set up. One of the best benefits of the dehumidifier is its energy-saving feature. Customers report they experience low electricity costs when operating the machine.

The dehumidifier is ideal for homes and small and medium-sized apartments, and rooms with little to no ventilation. It is highly effective in removing moisture, dampness, mould and mildew from walls and rooms. We like the fact the machine can dry clothing whilst lightening and freshening indoor air quality.

Another unique feature is the super-sized 2.6 Liter water tank users say is easy to grip, handle, and empty. The clear plastic container makes it easy to monitor capacity.

The low noise operation is another feature customers like about the MeacoDry dehumidifier. This is validated by research that has shown it is considerably quieter than many comparable brands. Moreover, the award-winning machine is one of the leading brands currently on the market.

Several control settings also make the machine a favourite among many customers. The controls ensure a hassle-free operation, with lots of options for adjusting the humidity. The automatic controls also ensure the machine conserves electricity to keep your energy costs low.

Meaco MeacoDry ABC Dehumidifier

12L – Ultra Quiet Dehumidifier – Energy Efficient Electric Compressor Dehumidifier

Wrap up

We cannot help but think about quality engineering and low consumption whenever we talk about the MeacoDry dehumidifier. These qualities are part of the high attraction among many satisfied customers. The MeacoDry is excellent value for money and operates quickly and efficiently. There are several control settings to ensure your safety and optimal control at all times.

The machine features ensure you breathe cleaner indoor air by reducing moisture, mould and mildew. The Meaco 12L will go a long way towards providing you with a damp free comfortable home. You can set up the machine in almost any area of your house or apartment and choose from an array of cool colour.

It is user-friendly, high-performing, and affordable, with the additional benefit of a laundry mode for drying damp clothing. With MeacoDry, we know you will experience cleaner, warmer, drier indoor air quality for a fair price.  

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