Types of Electric Heaters for Garden Office – UK Guide


Garden offices offer a close to home escape from the distractions working from home can bring. Although we enjoy being around our spouses, children, and pets as much as possible, it can be remarkably difficult to work when they are around. The garden office provides the ability to get more done without having to leave home, but the primary disadvantage to these spaces is their lack of proper heating.

The British weather can be very unpredictable and with increasingly harsh winters becoming the norm, having the right heating controls in your garden office is essential. Tying a garden office into your existing heating system can be impractical and expensive. The mere fact that these spaces are detached form the home provides makes heating a challenge, so here are some of the best electric heaters for your garden office space.

Electric Convection Heaters

Quite possibly the most well known small space heating systems is the electric convection heater. Modern electric convection heaters provide a lot of benefits such as 24 hour timers and thermostat controlled systems that allow for safe, functional heating ability. Setting the system to come on before you arrive will allow you to have a warm environment the minute you step inside for your busy day.

Electric Radiators

Traditional and modern designed electric radiators are available for your garden office. These systems can be mounted on the wall and are often a safer option for workshops and other environments that may become dusty throughout the day. Although they are slower to heat up, these systems can be enabled with timer devices to allow your space to heat up before you arrive.

Electric Filled Radiators

For ultimate flexibility and dependability, electric filled radiator heaters are ideal. Oil within the heater is warmed through electricity and although they can take longer to heat up, these systems offer the safest platform for heating any out building space such as a garden office. Electric filled radiators provide a thermostat enabled system with a timing device and variable economic power controls so your environment can remain comfortable without costing you too much on your monthly energy usage.

Wood Burning Stoves

With a wood burning stove, style and a high capacity warming ability makes they a great addition to any garden office. The fuel used is sustainable and cost effective to operate. The primary downside to wood burning stoves is the need for a constant supply of wood and feeding the system regularly. They also require professional installation by a HETAS engineer to comply with current regulations.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is not merely for the interior of your home, but for the garden office as well. This type of heating is an excellent secondary heating source. Underfloor heating, when paired with another, primary heating source provides radiant warmth from below ensuring your space remains comfortable. Both water and electric element systems are available. These systems can be more expensive than others, but are highly effective if you have the up front capital to have them installed.

Air Conditioning Systems

A variety of window mounted air conditioners also work as effective heating systems. When working in a small garden office, you want all year round comfort, so an air conditioning system that provides heat as well is a viable option. The benefit of these systems is that they provide a dehumidifier as well as heating ability, ideal for sensitive computer equipment, fabrics, and other works often affected by moisture in the air.

Bottled Gas

Depending on where you live, bottled gas may be a heating option. Bottled gas can be delivered by a company or purchased at home stores. These units require adequate ventilation and should be installed by a professional to ensure they are safe for an enclosed space.


Not all garden offices require total room heat. If you have an office that is small, infrared heating is an option. These systems are designed to heat a small area and the user must remain in line with the heater to enjoy its heating benefits.

Solar Heat

For the DIYer, solar heating is an alternative. These systems are a series of water fed tubes that are heated by the sun to feed the boiler system. However, the drawback to this type of system is its inability to properly heat when it is truly necessary. In intense cold, your office will not be able to keep up with heating demands no matter how sophisticated your system is.

Intricate Design for Limited Heating Requirements

Provided you have yet to build your garden office, you can opt to build a space that limits the need for proper heating. Underground offices or those with an above garden on the roof can be remarkably warm during the winter. Additionally, insulate the room with the highest level of insulation and make certain you take advantage of sunlight throughout the day.

Your garden office will be a place you spend a majority of your time, so comfort is key. You cannot effectively work if you are continually shivering from the cold, so trust your comfort to one of these viable heating options.

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