Best Mini Dehumidifiers Under £50


Buying a dehumidifier for under £50 can be a tricky task, as there are quite a few models out there that come with different features and performance. Before making your purchase, it’s important to consider the size of the area you want to dehumidify. Dehumidifiers under £50 would be able to work in fairly small areas (up to 20 square meters). If you need a device for slightly bigger area consider dehumidifier under £100 instead.

[1st] MONHOUSE 600ml

The Moonhouse is one of the most recognizable mini dehumidifiers and a bestseller. The reason it’s a bestseller? – it does what it says on the tin. It is a very consistent small dehumidifier and offers great value. Included are basic features like a 300ml/day extraction rate and a 600ml water tank. It is highly portable and very low maintenance. You just need to empty the water tank, give it an occasional wipe and check the intake isn’t dirty. This model only uses 23 watts of electricity so you will barely notice any increase in your electricity bill.

The great value for money and exceptional user ratings of this product make it an unbeatable choice. With its low wattage, this product runs quietly and is incredibly easy to use.


Portable, Compact & Quiet Moisture Absorber

Value for money10/10
Users rating9/10
Extraction: 300ml / day10/10
Water tank: 600ml8/10
Working power: 23W10/10
Noise: 28dB 10/10

We recommend this model for minor damp issues in spaces such as bedrooms. I have personally used a mini dehumidifier in my bedroom because my walls were wet every morning. In a few days the dehumidifier helped me get rid of the problem. Be aware that for more serious damp problems you would need more powerful dehumidifier.

[2nd] Conopu 1000ml

This small dehumidifier is a revolutionary product, utilising the Peltier technology (no compressor needed) to achieve up to 1000ml of water tank volume. This remarkable device allows for the removal of up to 450ml of water per day in conditions of 30 ℃ and 80% RH, which makes it ideal for any environment – from bedrooms to offices and bathrooms, even caravans. With its sleek design, efficient operation and long-lasting performance, the dehumidifier meets all of your needs and expectations. This dehumidifier might be slightly above £50 but it is well worth it.

This dehumidifier has an impressive water tank size and great moisture extraction at 450ml per day. However, this particular model may not be suitable for those who are looking for a quiet and energy-efficient appliance.


Conopu 1000ml
CONOPU Dehumidifier 1000ml, Coloured LED Light, Peltier Technology Update, Portable and Ultra Quiet, Dehumidifiers for Drying Clothes, Bedroom, Bathroom, Wardrobe

Value for money9/10
Users rating8/10
Extraction: 450ml / day10/10
Water tank: 1000ml10/10
Working power: 40W7/10
Noise: 39dB7/10

[3rd] Venga 600ml

This small dehumidifier not only is it easy to operate, but it is also very efficient. With a simple touch of the touch-sensitive on/off button, the dehumidifier will start extracting moisture from the air at a speed of up to 300ml per day. It will keep working until the 600ml water container is full, at which point it will automatically shut off. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about constantly monitoring and refilling the dehumidifier.


Venga 600ml
Compact and lightweight dehumidifier with low energy consumption.

Value for money8/10
Users rating7/10
Extraction: 300ml8/10
Water tank: 600ml8/10
Working power: 23W10/10
Noise: 40dB7/10

What to Look for in a Cheap Mini Dehumidifier

Water Tank Size

When deciding whether or not you should buy a dehumidifier for under £50, one of the first things you should consider is how much water capacity it has. Many smaller models don’t have large tanks and could require emptying more often than larger models with larger water tanks.

Electricity Usage

It’s also important to think about energy efficiency as this will determine how much electricity you’ll be using on a regular basis. Models with high energy efficiency ratings are generally more expensive but could end up saving you money over time due to lower running costs.


Additionally, noise level is also something worth considering when buying a dehumidifier under £50. Some models may be noisier than others so if sound insulation isn’t possible then this might be something that would need to be taken into account before making your decision. Other features like built-in timers or humidity sensors can also prove useful when choosing a model but these might come at an extra cost above and beyond your budget limit.


This can be an important feature if you intend to move the dehumidifier around a lot. Most of the dehumidifiers we have reviewed here are lightweight. Still, if you intend to move the product around a lot, please check the weight in the product description. Vulnerable users may have a harder time moving around a 10kg dehumidifier than healthy individuals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where should I put the mini dehumidifier?

There are very few rules when it comes to where to place your mini dehumidifier. The key thing to avoid is placing it in a location where the air intake would be blocked or obstructed. Identify which end is the air intake and ensure that this is not obstructed and you can place it where you like. If you have a room that suffers from condensation on one side, then you may wish to place the dehumidifier on this side of the room.

Q: How much do they cost to run?

This can vary based on what model you purchase. As a rule of thumb, most mini dehumidifiers run on either 23 Watts or 40 Watts. Please use this calculator if you live in the UK to see what this means for you and running costs.

Q: Do I need to clean my mini dehumidifier?

Most models do not require any special cleaning rituals. Aside from emptying the water tank when necessary, there is very little upkeep involved. If your mini dehumidifier gets a bit dusty or the water tank starts to get a bit grubby, feel free to give it a quick dust or a clean. Obviously do not wash any of the electrical components.

Q: Can a mini dehumidifier cause dehydration?

Nope, this is practically impossible. As we looked at earlier, the higher the relative humidity, the higher the water extraction rates. As humidity levels get close to normal (40-50%), dehumidifiers become less effective and extract less water. Surprisingly, in the home environment excess humidity is more likely to cause dehydration than low humidity. When you are living in a humid environment, sweat cannot evaporate and cool you down. This causes a vicious cycle where sweat cannot cool you down so you sweat excessively and can become dehydrated.

Q: Do dehumidifiers have any health impacts?

They do and they are positive if you are currently living in excess humidity. Please see our previous article on the health benefits of owning a dehumidifier. In our opinion, the top benefit is keeping mold and allergens at bay as well as improving sleep quality!

Wrap up

Overall, while it is possible to find a decent dehumidifier for under £50 it’s important to remember that they might not have all the features available on more expensive models. However, if space is limited and your budget is tight then these units can still provide some relief from dampness and excessive moisture levels without breaking the bank!

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