Top 5 Dehumidifiers for a Small Room

Our top 5 picks will help you identify the best dehumidifier for a small room to help reduce humidity and prevent condensation, damp and Mold.

Welcome to our guide to the top 5 dehumidifiers for a small room. If you’re looking for some of the best dehumidifiers for a small space that money can buy right now, then let us help. We go into more detail on the dehumidifiers we recommend below.

Before we go on to list and discuss the best dehumidifiers for a small room we would like to come to you with what we believe is the best dehumidifier for keeping 1 small room such as a bedroom, bathroom or student accommodation free from condensation, damp and Mold. We also don’t believe that an expensive (£100+) product is necessary to keep a small room dry so we will be listing cheaper models that offer good value and great functionality for the required use. To cut the long story short, we believe that the Pro Breeze® 1500ml Dehumidifier for Damp, Mould, Moisture in Home, Kitchen, Bedroom, Caravan, Office, Garage is the best option for keeping a small room damp and Mold-free and at a fair price.

Top 5 dehumidifiers for a small room at a glance

1. Pro Breeze 1500ml Dehumidifier

The Pro Breeze 1500ml dehumidifier is our number 1 pick simply because it has a 500ml extraction rate per day, this is 150-200% more than the other small units we recommend. This option is slightly more expensive than the other models but we believe it offers the best value for money due to the higher extraction rate. It would be well suited to any small room and should help you keep a small space free from excess humidity.

Pro Breeze® 1500ml Dehumidifier

Extraction rate – 500ml/day
Water Tank – 1500ml
Price – Higher than the other options but offers much better value
Power/Wattage – 40
Other features – quiet, auto turn-off when full.
Value 5/5

2. Omasi 600ml Dehumidifier

The Omasi 600ml has similar specifications to the Auzkin 600ml but comes in quite a bit cheaper. In our opinion, this makes it one of the best value small capacity dehumidifiers. It is still outperformed by the Pro Breeze 1500ml in terms of value but offers similar specifications to the other models at a better price.

Omasi Dehumidifier Mini Electric 600ml

Extraction rate – 300ml/day
Water Tank – 600ml
Price – Low
Power/Wattage – 23
Other features – quiet, auto turn-off when full,
Value 5/5

3. Flashvin 1000ml Dehumidifier

This model is slightly smaller than the Pro Breeze and has a slightly reduced daily extraction rate of 450ml/day. It also has a smaller water tank at 1000ml meaning you may have to empty it out more frequently. Despite this, this dehumidifier still offers good value and has better specs than some other models. The price of this item puts it in the middle range of smaller dehumidifiers.

  • Extraction rate – 400ml/day
  • Water Tank – 1000ml
  • Price – Mid to Upper range
  • Power/Wattage – 40
  • Other features – quiet, auto turn-off when full.
  • Value 3/5

4. Pro Breeze 500ml Compact Dehumidifier

This model is a smaller version of the Pro Breeze 1500ml. It does the same job as the larger model but on a smaller scale. In our opinion it offers lower value than the 1500ml model but it could be better suited to really small rooms. This model could be better than the 1500ml model in storerooms, small 1 person bedrooms, walk-in wardrobes, etc. This model could also be preferable to the larger version if you are on a tight budget.

Pro Breeze Dehumidifier 500ml

Extraction rate – 250ml/day
Water Tank – 500ml
Price – Low to Middle range
Power/Wattage – 23
Other features – quiet, auto turn-off when full.
Value 4/5

5. Auzkin 600ml Dehumidifier

This model ranks in the middle in terms of specifications and price. The two biggest benefits of this model are the stylish appearance and low noise level. It also has a soft green light meaning this could be a perfect option for a young child’s room as it is quiet and would double up as a night light.

  • Extraction rate – 300ml/day
  • Water Tank – 600ml
  • Price – Middle range
  • Power/Wattage – 23
  • Other features – quiet, auto turn-off when full, soft green light
  • Value 4/5

So with all this in mind, here are a few more pointers to make sure you make the purchase that is right for you:

Where to put your dehumidifier

Make sure you put your dehumidifier in a relatively open part of the room. This is important to ensure that the intake fan isn’t being blocked or covered as this will reduce airflow and lower functionality.  You might also want to put your dehumidifier away from features such as beds or desks to minimise the potetial disturbance caused to people sleeping or working. If you have a condensation problem specific to one side of the room then you may wish to place the dehumidifier on this side. 

Should I run the Dehumidifier 24/7? 

The best way to maximise the benefits of your dehumidifier is to leave it running 24/7.  However if you do not wish to do this in order to save energy then you should stick to running it at the following times:

  1. When you are sleeping in the room – You generate a lot of humidity when you sleep from breathing and perspiration. You should run your dhumidifier when you are asleep. 
  2. When you are using the room, humans create a lot of humidity just by existing via perspiration so if possible you should run the dehumidifier when the room is in use. 
  3. You can save money by opening a window when the dehumidifier is not in use. This is obviously not always practical however due to outside temperatures, bad weather or allergies.

How often will I need to empty the water tank?

This depends on which one you have bought. You can figure this out by dividing the water tank capacity by the expected daily extraction rate. For the Pro Breeze 1500ml you would expect the 500ml extraction rate to take  3 days to fill the 1500ml tank. The Azukin 600ml would take 2 days to fill the 600ml tank as it exracts 300ml a day. It is important to note that the stated extraction rates and the rates achieved in reality can differ. This is because factors such as room temperature and humidity can impact how effectively moisture is pulled from the air. 

Will my Dehumidifier get rid of Mold? 

Strictly speaking, no your Dehumidifier won’t get rid of existing Mold. It will however prevent more Mold from growing in the future by reducing the humidity that Mold needs to grow and thrive. A dehumidifier is a very important step you can take towards limiting the spread of Mold in the future. You can find an excellent guide on how to remove Mold from walls and furniture here:

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