Dri-Eaz 1200 Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump Review

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This industrial-strength dehumidifier would be ideal for cleaning up after a flood emergency in your home. Despite its industrial capabilities, the Dri-Eaze 1200 dehumidifier is compact in size, making it a perfect choice to use indoors where space is limited.

This dehumidifier can collect up to 55L of water per day, making quick work of drying out carpets and soft furnishings following a flood.

The Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 is a refrigerant dehumidifier which uses heat to remove moisture from the air. It is a closed-loop system capable of removing large amounts of water from the air, making it ideal for commercial and industrial use as well as for cleaning up after a large-scale domestic flood.

This model has an operating temperature range of 0 – 37 degrees C and processes air at a rate of up to 227 cubic feet per minute. The pump basin is attached to a 40 ft hosepipe to quickly drain collected water.

Performance and features of the Dri-Eaze 1200 dehumidifier

The Dri-Eaze 1200 dehumidifier has a large 18-gallon collection capacity that can effectively draw water from a floor area of 227 cubic feet.

Despite weighing 80 pounds (36kg), the Dri-Eaze 1200 dehumidifier is a portable unit that can be quickly moved from room to room. It has semi-pneumatic wheels for easy transportation around your home.

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The device is advertised as drawing moisture at 227 cubic feet per minute, but the actual amount of water removed per day will depend on conditions such as water saturation of soft furnishings, relative humidity, room temperature, airflow, and structural materials of your home.

What we like about The Dri-Eaze 1200 dehumidifier

We like that this model has a rugged and robust construction, which means it can handle more challenging environments than standard home dehumidifiers. It has a rigid, telescoping handle and semi-pneumatic wheels, making it easy to manoeuvre around the house to the areas where it is needed.

For added longevity and performance, the Dri-Eaze 1200 dehumidifier uses a 3M HAF Filter to protect the internal components from dirt. If you plan to buy an industrial-strength dehumidifier to use in a home workshop or garage where the relative humidity is high and the air contains considerable particle pollution from dust and exhaust fumes, this would be a better choice than for this type of environment rather than a standard home dehumidifier.

We especially like that the Dri-Eaze 1200 dehumidifier comes with a long drainage hosepipe enabling the unit to pump collected water automatically into a convenient drain, nearby sink or out of a window if using it in an external building with no plumbing.

What we don’t like about the Dri-Eaze 1200 dehumidifier

This dehumidifier model works optimally in warm, moist environmental conditions. It is less effective at drawing out moisture from chilly rooms or in sub-zero temperatures in unheated outdoor buildings affected by storm flash flooding or snowmelt water damage during the winter.

Homeowners wanting to invest in an industrial-strength dehumidifier for everyday home use should carefully consider and compare the performance of other options, such as desiccant dehumidifiers or combination dehumidifiers and air purifier models. Plenty of dehumidifier options are open to you, so it will pay you to read more of our product reviews before making a decision.

Other dehumidifiers on the market come with built-in moisture sensors and the ability to maintain humidity between certain levels automatically. Unfortunately, this dehumidifier doesn’t come with this feature.

Customer feedback for the Dri-Eaze 1200 dehumidifier

Customer feedback for the Dri-Eaze 1200 dehumidifier is generally mixed. There are positive and negative user comments ranging from expensive repair costs to poor customer service.

However, those customers who were positive about the Dri-Eaze 1200 dehumidifier reported that the machine was very effective at keeping mould at bay after repeated flooding of cellars and basements. Those living in flood-prone properties need stronger, faster-acting dehumidifiers with more durability and capacity than larger home dehumidifier models. This option ticks all of these boxes.

Customers also comment on how heavy the dehumidifier is, but because of the way the wheels and handle are designed, moving the unit around the house is made much more manageable. Users also liked how simple the dehumidifier is to operate with two main buttons – one to turn the machine on and off and another to flush the collected moisture from the coils and out of the device.

Most users were impressed at the sturdy construction of the dehumidifier, with comments such as ‘it’s built like a tank being an apt description from one happy customer that uses it to keep his basement damp-free.

Comparison to similar models

Brand:Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200, 55LSealey SDH30 Industrial Dehumidifier, 30LCyclone Industrial Dehumidifier, 50L
Product dimensions:(H × W × D): 83 x 50 x 50cm40.8 x 60.5 x 67cm; W 44.8cm x D 45cm x H 65cm
Special features:25 ft power cable, 12m drainage hosepipeWashable air filter; optional drain hose for continuous operationA drainage hose is included for continuous draining

Final thoughts

This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a straightforward, no-nonsense, industrial-strength dehumidifier. It is an ideal machine to run in damp cellars and basements where mould growth, high humidity and poor air circulation are problems.

This would be a better option than running a standard home dehumidifier which may find such conditions overwhelming. We saw the most positive user comments coming from homeowners with older properties that are more prone to dampness. This is an excellent choice for those wanting a long-lasting, robust and effective dehumidifier for long-term use.

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