Russell Hobbs RHAP1001B Air Purifier Review

rusel hobbs air purifier
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The Russell Hobbs is an air purifier designed for small rooms up to 10m², with advanced 3-layer filtration that captures 99.95% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. It is ozone-free and has an LED display with lighting, and is easy to operate with three speed settings.

Pros & Cons


✅ Easy to use
✅ Powerful fan (can be used as a regular fan in summer)
✅ Filters the air effectively
✅ Sleek and contemporary design
✅ Good value for money
✅ 2-year guarantee


❌ Too noisy to use at night
❌ Less cost-effective over time due to expensive filters

The reviews of the air purifier are mixed. Some customers found it to be a great purchase, with a long-lasting filter, noticeable benefits to breathing, and the ability to clear the air of smoke and other irritants. However, other customers were disappointed in the product, citing issues with noise levels, difficulty finding replacement filters, and the fact that it does not remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Overall, the product seems to have benefits for some users, but also has some drawbacks to consider before purchasing.

Russell Hobbs RHAP1001B Ozone Free Compact Air Purifier, 3-Layer Filtration – Removes up to 99.95% airborne allergens, dust, pollen, smoke & bacteria in Black

Russell Hobbs RHAP1001B
  • HEPA Filter for 99.5% of Particles
  • 7.7D x 19.5W x 40.3H centimetres
  • Weight: 2kg

What users say about this product

This air purifier works really well. I have a small double room and after running it for about two hours, my hayfever symptoms stopped. I was able to sleep with it running on the quiet slower mode, and the LED light around the control can be turned off, which was helpful. I’ve recommended it to friends at work. When I needed a replacement filter, I contacted Russell Hobbs customer service and they were able to sell me one for less than £30 at the time. Overall, I would recommend this product to allergy sufferers, as it helped me sleep better.

I purchased this product with the intention of running it at night while I sleep. However, in an average-sized double bedroom, it is too noisy to use at night. Despite this, the product is of good quality.

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