What is a Water Based Air Purifier?


Having an air purifier in your home can drastically help your family and the atmosphere of your home feel better. However, just having a standard air purifier may not be adequate. There are many types of air purification systems and choosing the right one is essential to the comfort of your home. A water based air purifier is among the best options, so read on to learn exactly what a water based air purifier is.

What Exactly Is a Water Based Air Purifier?

To understand the validity of a water based purification system, we must first look at the natural purification ability of water in nature. Stand outside and take in the air. If it has been some time since a good rain has come your way, the air can feel dirty and in large cities, smog and other pollutants can even be seen.

Now, take a deep breath right after a significant rain storm. The air feels and smells cleaner than it did before. Rain water takes in pollutants as it comes out of the sky naturally cleansing the air of particles that may be harmful and difficult to breath.

The same notion is given to a water based air purification system. These devices work much like a standard air purifier, but with one distinct difference. A water based air purifier does not have a true filter, but relies on room air passing over water to effectively purify the air.

Pros to Water Based Air Purifiers

A water based air purifier can be more affordable than a standard air filtration system. The initial purchase price, maintenance, and the lack of a filter ensure that a water based air purifier remains an economical option. The devices are easy to install and maintain as there are fewer parts to manage. Water based air purifiers are easy to clean which is one of the primary maintenance needs for most appliances.

With a standard air purifier, you get great air purification, but the device does not function in any other manner. A water based air purifier can actually function as both a humidifier as well as a diffuser, so they are far more versatile than your standard air purifier system. The aromatherapy attribute is ideal for those looking to improve sleep or reduce stress through natural essential oils.

A filter based air purifier can sometimes be a little noisy. The myriad of moving parts can keep a light sleeper up at night, even when the device is set to silent or sleep mode. A water based air purifier works quieter naturally, so they are an ideal solution for those who have trouble falling or staying asleep from excess noise.

AMOS Globe Air Revitaliser Fresh Air Purifier

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Cons to Water Based Air Purifiers

Possibly the biggest con to a water based air purifier is the increased humidity levels in your home can be a potential breeding ground for mould. However, if you live in an area that is more of a temperate zone, you should not have a problem. A standard air filtration system can combat mould as there is no moisture present within the unit. Those who use a water based air purifier should clean it regularly and make certain to sanitize the water tank often.

A water based air purifier also does not clean the air as good as a conventional air filtration system nor can it remove odours. However, if odours are a problem in your home, you may use the water based air purifier as a diffuser to help combat negative scents.

The last con that a water based air filter has is their overall usefulness. Where a standard air filtration system can cleanse an entire large space, water based systems are less effective. Ideally, you want to use a water based air purifier in a small to medium space, so bedrooms and smaller rooms in the home are where you want to place the system.

What to Choose

The choice is truly up to you whether to invest more in a standard air purifier or invest less into a water based air purifier. Both systems are great for purifying the air in your home, but with the water based system, you might have to purchase more than one for total home purification. The standard air purifier can be more expensive, but they combat mould more effectively and you have to contend with cleaning or replacing a filter regularly.

The need to cleanse the air in your home is more apparent than ever before. Homes are where our family grows and we want them to have a comfortable clean environment. Take the time to examine your home and the needs of your family to determine whether to purchase a standard air purifier or one of the many water based air purifiers on the market today.

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