Ebac 3850e with Smart Control Review

Ebac 3850e review
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Having a high quality dehumidifier can be essential during the hottest, and most humid part of the year. The UK climate can be difficult to contend with and employing a dehumidifier helps your home contend with damp and humid conditions. Not all dehumidifiers are equal and time and time again, Ebac has been instrumental in producing some of the country’s top dehumidifiers. They have done it again with the Ebac 3850e with Smart Control.

What Makes The Ebac 3850e with Smart Control Different?

The Ebac 3850e with Smart Control is among the most efficient dehumidifiers on the market. It is the smart control that allows this device to stand out in an endless sea of dehumidifiers. Smart control enables the system to run efficiently without running up monthly energy costs. In fact, users who have already purchased an Ebac 3850e boast up to 30% savings on their monthly energy costs when compared to similar dehumidifiers.

The device consumes up to 190W of energy amounting to just 45p per day.

Smart control works by monitoring your home’s humidity levels. When the humidity level in your home rises, the unit comes on to extract moisture from the air. Once the tank is full, the full indicator light turns on so you know exactly when to empty the unit. Not only is there a substantially large collection tank, but the unit can also be set for continual drainage with a drainage hose attachment.

Ebac 3850e Most Powerful 21 Litre Dehumidifier for Condensation, Damp and Mould with Smart Auto-Function, ​Air Purification and Laundry Drying Modes, Free 2 Year Warranty, White

Ebac 3850e
  • Tank: 2.5l
  • Extraction: 21l per day
  • Power: 320W
  • Noise level: 46dB

Pros & Cons


✅ Easy to move around despite its weight (13kg)
✅ Effective in reducing dampness and improving air quality
✅ Has an automatic mode which self-instructs
✅ Shuts off if the water bucket is full
✅ Energy-efficient
✅ Has a long cable for easy placement
✅ Easy to remove the bucket for emptying
✅ The bucket has a built-in handle for easy carrying


❌ Loud when on full power (noise is high pitched)
❌ Digital lights on the front are bright and may disturb sleep
❌ Cannot see inside the bucket to know if it needs to be emptied
❌ Blows out cold air, not hot
❌ Additional charges for castors or hoses

What About Portability?

Portability matters greatly when it comes to dehumidifiers. Although most dehumidifiers are made to be compact, some are substantially heave and cumbersome to move. The Ebac is designed to be easy to move around. Two handles on the side of the device and one behind the filter allow you to effortlessly pick up the device and move it around. Should you require even more portability, casters can be purchased for an additional cost. 4 casters easily attach to the bottom of the dehumidifier so you can roll it wherever you like.

Large Home Compatible

Not all dehumidifiers are ideal for large homes, but the Ebac 3850e is designed for a variety of home sizes. Homes up to 450 square meters can benefit from using this device. Whether you have a small home, or a large family dwelling, the Ebac 3850e is there for you. This device is guaranteed to solve your home’s condensation and damp needs efficiently, so you can rest easy and comfortably in your home.

Various Models to Choose From

The Ebac 3850e with Smart Control is among the most advanced dehumidifiers on the market today. It contains a revolutionary coil system that extracts more moisture from the air than comparable models. As the weather changes, the Smart Control system adjusts to the needs of your home, but this is not just an average dehumidifier.

With the Ebac 3850e, you can have a healthier home with ample moisture extraction. However, it also offers the ability to dry clothes faster. The clothes drying mode helps you manage the laundry more efficiently.

This device is also equipped with a specialized timer system. When the timer is set, the device will turn off automatically. The feature is essential for those who work long hours or may be away from their home for long periods of time.

Simple Controls

Even though the Ebac 3850e with Smart Control is among the most sophisticated dehumidifiers on the market, it is also remarkably easy to use. Simple, one touch controls help you manage your home’s dehumidifying needs without complication. Settings are easy to understand and the clear, LED touch screen will alert you to any potential issues such as the need to maintain the device or empty the water tank.

5 Year Warranty

Buying any new appliance can be stressful, but the designers of the Ebac 3850e have included a 5 year warranty to ease your mind. The 5 year warranty is available for anyone who purchases their Ebac 3850e directly from Ebac.

Your home is ideally supposed to be comfortable, but if you have excess moisture lurking around every corner, your home will not be as comfortable as it needs to be. The Ebac 3850e with Smart Control is among the most sophisticated and effective dehumidifiers on the market today.

Users Reviews

I bought an Ebac 3850e to replace my old Ebac 2650e, which had served me well for over 8 years. However, I was disappointed with the 3850e. It was heavy and lacked castors, which would have made it easier to move around. The biggest issue, however, was the loud vibrating noise it made. Despite trying different positions and even putting a heavy dictionary on top of it, I couldn’t stop the noise. I returned the machine for a refund and ended up buying an Asian-made dehumidifier, which works just as well and is much quieter. I was pleased with the refund process, but frustrated with having to take the machine to a designated drop-off site.

I purchased the Ebac dehumidifier to solve a condensation problem that was causing dampness on my bedroom wall. I was impressed by the amount of water it collected, and the difference it made in my home. The machine is loud on full speed, but quieter on a lower setting. I wish it came with castors, but I ordered them separately. Overall, I would recommend this product.


In conclusion, the dehumidifier is a great solution for those facing high levels of condensation and mold growth in their homes. It effectively removes dampness and mold, creating a healthier living environment. However, the product has its own set of pros and cons, including noise levels, bright digital lights, flimsy door, and additional charges for castors or hoses. Despite these limitations, the overall performance and ease of use of the unit make it a worthwhile purchase

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