Do Crystal Dehumidifiers Work?


Yes, crystal dehumidifiers can work to remove excess moisture from the air in a room, helping to reduce humidity levels and prevent mold, mildew, and other moisture-related problems. These dehumidifiers work by absorbing moisture from the air and trapping it within the crystals. However, their effectiveness can vary based on factors such as room size, humidity levels, and temperature.

A damp environment is an unhealthy environment.

Bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms thrive in a moist, warm environment. Although dampness can be a problem outside, it is more of a major health risk right in our very own homes. Homeowners may clean their entire house from top to bottom effectively, but if they do not account for excess moisture, it can all be for nothing. Mold can lurk in the deepest, darkest reaches of our homes and the only way to rid yourself of it is by keeping it from growing.

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Dehumidifiers have proven very effective at reducing the spread of mold spores and maintaining a healthier home environment. However, not everyone wants to invest in a full scale dehumidifier for use in their homes. Thankfully, there are a variety of home dehumidifying solutions. Among the most popular are crystal dehumidifiers, but do they really work.

What Are Crystal Dehumidifiers?

Crystal dehumidifiers work on the same moisture extraction concept as a modern dehumidifier, but without the bulky machine. These devices work through the natural reaction of calcium chloride in a moisture rich environment. Calcium chloride naturally attracts moisture throughout the space. Crystal Dehumidifiers are a seemingly simple device with no moving parts. Essentially, it is a box containing calcium chloride at the top. As moisture is attracted, it is deposited in the tank below. Once the device is full, it must be replaced.

The primary benefit of Crystal Dehumidifiers is their ability to be placed anywhere without the need for electricity.

Although more homeowners are employing these devices, they have been traditionally used in vacant houses to maintain fresh air and avoid that all too common stagnant air experience when viewing a vacant house. They work great, but there are some drawbacks to their use.

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What Are the Drawbacks

Crystal Dehumidifiers are easy and cheap to purchase. For just a few pounds you can have a crystal dehumidifier that lasts for a long time, but it does have to be replaced. A standard dehumidifier has a larger upfront cost. However, once the initial costs are out of the way, the homeowner merely needs to maintain the device with regular cleaning and filter changes. Crystal Dehumidifiers are cheaper, but can cost more, overtime, to maintain. A homeowner may have to purchase many Crystal Dehumidifiers to rid their home of moisture as they can only take in so much moisture.

Are They Good for Allergens?

Yes, Crystal Dehumidifiers work to extract moisture from any space just like a standard dehumidifier. Therefore, they are great for allergens inside your home. Anytime you can prevent moisture in your home, you reduce the risk of allergens, so yes, they are great for that. However, they are not nearly as effective at removing moisture as a standard electric dehumidifier and overtime, can actually cost more than the electric variety does.

Are There Any Risks

Crystal Dehumidifiers can carry some risk to small pets and children. When using these devices, ensure they are completely out of reach of your children and pets. Ingesting crystals found in the dehumidifiers can cause burns to a child or pet’s skin, gastrointestinal issues, and nausea. Exposure to the crystals may also cause skin to excessively dry out. That is not something you want to worry about in your home, so always keep Crystal Dehumidifiers well out of the reach of your children and pets.

So, What is Best for My Home?

That depends on what you require. If you have little damp issues and the ability to keep Crystal Dehumidifiers away from children and pets they may work fine for you. However, if your home experiences a lot of dampness and you have children or pets running around, a standard dehumidifier is probably the best solution.

Crystal Dehumidifiers are ideal for small spaces (like wardrobe), but do little to alleviate dampness throughout the home. A dehumidifier will allow you to run the device throughout the day and with careful maintenance, may last for many years to come. Crystal Dehumidifiers must be replaced regularly and can be very limited in their usability.

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  • Protects items and fabrics from excess moisture
  • Removes smelly moisture, dampness, and humidity
  • Hydrophilic crystals draw and retain moisture from the air
  • Easy to use – just hang it anywhere
  • White granulars absorb moisture and indicate when to replace
  • First drop appears within 4-7 days depending on humidity
  • Absorbs up to 3 times its own weight in water
  • Recommended to be replaced every 6 weeks
  • Cheap, silent, and eco-friendly without electricity

Investing in a standard dehumidifying system is ideal for most UK homes. As the country is known for intense summers with high humidity, it is essential to rid your home of as much moisture as possible. A home that is properly dehumidified is healthier for those with known allergies and can help people with COPD or asthma breathe a little easier.


In conclusion, crystal dehumidifiers can be an effective solution for removing excess moisture from the air in a room and reducing humidity levels. They work by absorbing moisture from the air and trapping it within the crystals. However, their effectiveness can depend on various factors and it’s important to choose the right size and type of dehumidifier for your specific needs.

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