EcoAir DD3 Vs Avalla X-95 Smart: Which Dehumidifier is Better?

EcoAir DD3 Vs Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier Which is better

When buying a new home dehumidifier, it makes sense to compare makes and models to learn about their features before deciding which is the best choice for you.

If you are looking for a slimline style dehumidifier, then you may have narrowed down your search to the EcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline 10L Desiccant Dehumidifier and the Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier – but which is better?

Let’s take a closer look at each model and then draw some comparisons to help you decide between the two.

Quick Comparison

Avalla X-95 SmartEcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline 10L
Moisture Extraction10l per day10l per day
Tank Capacity2.5l3l
Noise Level42dB39dB

EcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline 10L Desiccant Dehumidifier

The DD3 Classic Slimline dehumidifier from EcoAir extracts up to 10 litres of water per day in all temperature ranges from 1°C to 40°C. This makes this model an ideal choice if you are looking for a dehumidifier that you can use all year round.

Because the DD3 Slimline dehumidifier can be operated at such low temperatures, it is an excellent choice to use in unheated rooms or cooler spaces, such as in the garage, to help keep your stored items free from damp, mildew and mould. It is also a nice size for use in caravans, motorhomes, home offices and cellars.

Being slimline and lightweight, weighing only 6.8kg, it is easy to move around from room to room in your home. If you have cooler rooms in your home that are prone to dampness, the DD3 Slimline dehumidifier would be good to use to eliminate damp issues over winter.

EcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline 10L Desiccant Dehumidifier Electronic Control 10 L/Day Quiet 39dBA Anti Bacterial Filter Automatic Louvre Laundry Mode Timer Light Weight 6.8Kg 3YR Warranty

Technical details for the DD3 Slimline dehumidifier
  • Digital Control Panel
  • 10 Litre per day extraction
  • Quiet running 39dBa
  • Anti Bacterial Filter
  • Automatic Louvre Laundry Mode
  • Timer
  • Light Weight 6.8Kg
  • 2YR Warranty
  • Auto-Restart Functional
  • Tilt Over Safety Protection – will power off automatically
  • Auto Shut-Off Function
  • Product dimensions: 22D x 32W x 50H centimetres
  • Two-speed settings

What we like about the DD3 Slimline dehumidifier

We like this model’s flexibility in that it can be easily moved around the home to where it is most needed. The quiet running feature is impressive, with a low noise level between 39dB on a low setting and 49dB on a high setting. This means it is an excellent model to use overnight without it disturbing your sleep or to run in your home office while you work.

The DD3 Slimline dehumidifier also helps to take the chill off the air as it expels air slightly warmer than the ambient air, which helps heat the space. Dryer, slightly warmer air is also easier to heat, so your heating system will use less energy when heating your home.

This model also has a built-in humidity sensor, which allows you to set your desired humidity level for the room. Once the room reaches the ideal level, it will automatically switch off and then switch back on again should humidity levels increase above your desired level. We also like that the DD3 Slimline dehumidifier has a washable Anti Bacterial Filter that kills bacteria on contact. 

Customer feedback for the DD3 Slimline dehumidifier

Generally speaking, customer feedback for The DD3 Slimline dehumidifier is positive. Many customers like the fact that despite being a slimline design, this model collects an impressive amount of water, especially in cold or unheated rooms where other makes and models may struggle to work effectively.

Although dehumidifiers don’t technically warm rooms and cannot take the place of electric heaters to generate heat, the removal of moisture from the air can make a room feel warmer than it actually is.

One criticism shared by some customers is over the digital display and how it only offers two power settings. There isn’t a way to adjust the fan speed independently, so you can only choose a low or high setting.

Customers also comment that running on the low setting is drastically quieter than the high setting, and the unit becomes very quiet with an audible hum that melts into the background.

Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier for Home & Office 10L

The Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier is a slimline model with an advanced aerodynamic design and low energy consumption. Despite its smaller size, this model effectively extracts maximum moisture at a rate of 120m3 per hour while using just 0.2kW/h of power. This makes it an economic model to run for those looking to reduce their home energy use.

Effective over a 26m² active coverage area, the Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier comes with very green credentials! For every dehumidifier model sold, Avella will plant a tree in an effort to rebuild natural habitats.

The Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime product support. It is a good choice if you are looking for a quiet-running machine for the home office – it has a maximum noise level of only 42dB, so it won’t disturb your sleep if you leave it running overnight.

Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier for Home & Office 10L | Lowest Running Cost on the Market, Clothes Drying Mode - 26m² Large Room Coverage

Technical details for the Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier
  • Clothes Dryer Mode
  • Low Power Consumption Aero-Dynamic™ 120m³/h Technology
  • Multi-room Coverage
  • Floor area: 26 Square Meters
  • Continuous Draining
  • Quiet Operation
  • Timer
  • Washable Filter
  • Capacity: 10 litres
  • Product dimensions: 24.7D x 24.7W x 50H centimetres
  • Two-speed settings
  • Item weight: 9.33 Kilograms
  • Product Dimensions: 24.7 x 24.7 x 50 cm; 9.33 Kilograms
  • Noise Level: ‎42 dB

What we like about the Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier

We found the Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier to be super-quiet when running on the low setting. It was very effective at drying clothes indoors, and the 2.5-litre water tank was easy to remove and empty. We liked the washable filter feature and were surprised at how much airborne pollution the filter trapped.

We also like that this model comes with a generous two-metre-long drainage hose, meaning we could easily position the dehumidifier in the dining room to help dry the carpet after a shampoo and feed the drainage hose into the kitchen sink.

It also comes with a 1.8m electrical cord, which means it doesn’t need to sit close to an electrical socket to operate. We like that the digital display showed the humidity level and found it easy to set ideal humidity levels using the slide-touch control.

We found it effective when used in the garage to help keep little-used camping and surfing gear free from dampness and mildew. We were impressed with how well it works in low-temperature environments, such as the garage and basement.

Customer feedback for the Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier

Customer feedback for the Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier is generally positive, with most customers being impressed by the amount of water such a streamlined model can collect.

Switching to the laundry mode made quick work of drying a full load of washing for one customer who had no other choice but to dry their washing indoors. The dehumidifier was left on overnight, and in the morning, the collection tank was half full of water, and the clothes were practically dry.

We read a lot of positive customer feedback regarding the model’s affordability, with many customers saying they had paid more in the past for less effective dehumidifiers in the same price range.

Which home dehumidifier is better?

Choosing to buy either the EcoAir DD3 Classic Slimline or the Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier would be a sensible move if you are looking for a slimline, portable home dehumidifier with a high level of energy efficiency.

They both come with long power cords and drainage hoses, so if you want to site a dehumidifier in one place and not regularly move it around your home, either one will fit the bill. Although, in our opinion, the EcoAir DD3 Classic slightly edges it if you plan to use a dehumidifier permanently in an unheated room or space, such as the garage or outdoor storage area like a barn or shed.

Both models have an easy-to-use digital control panel, and you can set your desired humidity level, which will be maintained through automatic on/off switching. If you want a super-quiet model, then the Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier has a slight edge here over the EcoAir alternative.

We had the Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier running on the landing between two bedrooms, one of which doubles as a home office. The sound of the machine running on a low setting was hardly perceptible.

If you want to move a dehumidifier around your home and will depend on emptying the water tank, then we found removing the tank from the EcoAir DD3 Classic easier than the Avalla X-95 Smart Dehumidifier. Both models are lightweight enough to easily manoeuvre and carry up and down stairs from room to room.

In conclusion, there is little to choose between these two slimline home dehumidifiers, and either one would make a good choice, especially if you regularly dry laundry indoors and want to prevent damp build-up and condensation caused by drying clothes.

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