Kesnos Dehumidifier 24L/24H Review

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The Kesnos portable dehumidifier is a sleek and stylish model ideal for modern homes that want to quickly move a dehumidifier from room to room with little difficulty. This model is ergonomically designed with hidden wheels and recessed handles, so there is nothing prominent to catch your clothing on as you walk by.

Despite being a relatively small model, the  Kesnos portable dehumidifier is very effective at removing moisture from the air.

It can collect up to 24L of water in an area of up to 4500 sq ft.

It is an ideal choice for placing in home offices or the dining room where your kids do their homework because it is quiet running and will not disturb family members reading or working in silence.


Kesnons 24L Main Features
  • 24L extraction per day
  • Adjustable humidity between 30% and 85%
  • 360° easy-roll hidden wheels
  • Auto shut-off
  • Humidity Auto Control
  • 24h timer
  • Noise level: 46dB(A); – 43dB(A)
  • Detachable washable filter

The size and capacity of the Kesnos portable dehumidifier lend itself well for use in garages, cellars, basements, home offices, kitchens and bathrooms. It is also helpful in keeping caravans and motorhomes free from dampness and musty-smelling soft furnishings when not in use for long periods.

Because of its sleek, contemporary design, it can happily sit in a hallway or on a landing without getting in the way of your family. The model integrates well into modern-style homes without being obvious or detracting from the clean lines used in modern interior design.

Performance and features of the Kesnos portable dehumidifier

  • You can expect to collect up to 50 pints of water daily within a medium to a large room or open space up to 4500 square feet. It is ideal for cooler, north-facing rooms with poor air circulation where the air can stagnate and encourage mould and mildew build-up.
  • The Kenos portable dehumidifier can adjust relative humidity between 30 to 85 per cent, according to your needs and will remove humidity to make you feel more comfortable.
  • Measuring 32 x 19.99 x 46.99 cm and weighing 15.42 Kilograms, this model has 360° easy-roll hidden wheels, recessed handles, and a sleek, modern design means this model will integrate well with streamlined, uncluttered interior design themes.
  • This model features a ‘dry clothes‘ function, ideal for homeowners who need to dry laundry indoors during the winter or don’t own tumble dryers.
  • In-built automatic shut-off feature when the dehumidifier reaches its 24-litre capacity. Flexible, two-drainage options: self-emptying or using the included 1m (3.28 feet) drain hose for continuous drainage.
  • Smart humidity auto control: This allows you to set the ideal humidity level for your room, and the dehumidifier will automatically sense the changes in moisture levels in the air and switch on or off to maintain an optimal level.

What we like about the Kesnos portable dehumidifier

We like that this model is designed to monitor and adjust ideal humidity levels between 30 to 80% so you can always rely on your indoor air being comfortable and fresh. This means no more sweaty nights trying to sleep in bedrooms where humidity hangs heavy in the air.

The large capacity water collection tank means you don’t need to empty it too often manually. There is an automatic shut-off feature that prevents overflowing water from ruining your floors. The machine has an indicator to tell you when the tank needs emptying.

We also like that you can fit this model with a continuous drainage hose. This means you can permanently set it in one place, fit the drainage hose and feel confident that your dehumidifier will work even when you are not around to empty the collection tank manually.

An outstanding feature we like is the detachable, washable air filter that comes with this model. Most dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, but this model has a filter that can remove dust, pet dander and other large particles of air pollution from the air you breathe.

What we don’t like about The Kesnos portable dehumidifier

In all honesty, there is little to dislike about this portable dehumidifier. One minor issue is that the model has a smaller water collection tank than similar alternatives on the market. Depending on your house’s humidity levels, you may need to empty the machine more often manually.


  • Easy to use
  • Washable filter
  • Humidity Auto Control
  • Wheels for easier maneuver
  • Drainage hose for continuous use
  • Good design and modern style
  • Energy efficient
  • Top quality


  • Not the best manual instructions
  • A bit heavy

Customer feedback for the Kesnos portable dehumidifier

Customer feedback for this dehumidifier is overall positive. Many happy users love the ‘dry clothes’ function as a lot of homeowners in the UK need to dry laundry indoors, especially during the winter when it is impractical to dry clothes outdoors.

Feedback is positive about the auto settings. The automatic settings mean the dehumidifier can be left to get on with its job with little human attention. You don’t need to constantly adjust settings or switch the machine on or off. Leave it on auto, and the device will maintain your chosen humidity levels.

Comparison to similar models

Brand:Kesnos 24L/Day:Pro Breeze® 30L/DayNetta 20L/Day
Extraction capacity:24L per day30L per day20L per day
Special features:Quiet running, Automatic shut-off, dry clothes feature, washable air filterSmart APP and digital control, automatic humidity sensor, WIFI schedulingAdjustable humidity control, Removable filter

Final thoughts

This is an excellent choice for a busy household where you want a dehumidifier that you can set and forget. The option of continuous drainage is a bonus if you don’t want to move the machine around your home. However, if you’re going to move it from room to room, the display will let you know when the water collection bucket needs to be emptied.

This is a quiet dehumidifier with a high fan noise level of 46dB(A) and a low fan noise level of 43dB(A). It won’t cause you a sleepless night if you leave it running in your bedroom to reduce humidity levels during the summer or keep your windows condensation-free during the winter.


Kesnons 24L Main Features
  • 24L extraction per day
  • Adjustable humidity between 30% and 85%
  • 360° easy-roll hidden wheels
  • Auto shut-off
  • Humidity Auto Control
  • 24h timer
  • Noise level: 46dB(A); – 43dB(A)
  • Detachable washable filter

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