LONOVE 1100ml Mini Dehumidifier Review

LONOVE 1100ml review
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So you have searched the internet to see if the LONOVE mini dehumidifier is worth the money? You have come to the right place. We have been asked to write a review about the LONOVE 1100ml mini dehumidifier and made some interesting findings. This dehumidifier has been around for a little while and we finally decided to take a look at it.

The LONOVE 1100ml mini dehumidifier is a good option for small spaces and is currently very cheap. At its current price, it performs very favourably when compared to other mini dehumidifiers. The 460ml/day extraction rate is slightly above average amongst mini dehumidifiers. We like that the 460ml extraction rate comes at a power rating of 22 watts. Many mini dehumidifiers with this extraction rate consume more electricity, usually around 40 watts. The water tank is fairly large at 1100ml which sets it apart. The LONOVE 1100ml is a great answer to minor damp issues in small spaces of up to 18sqm.

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LONOVE 1100ml Mini Dehumidifier Review

What we like

The LONOVE 1100ml mini dehumidifier is currently incredibly cheap and offers good performance for this price. Aside from this, we like that it is marked at 22 watts making it incredibly energy efficient.

What we don’t like

Aside from price, there isn’t much setting the LONOVE 1100ml apart from the crowd. We would have loved to have seen them include the option to change the colour of the in-built lighting.


350ml/day extraction rate
1.1L water tank
Auto shut-off
22 watts
16 x 13 x 28 cm


The 460ml/day water extraction rate is very good for the price and 22-watt energy consumption. It stands up well when compared to other well-known mini dehumidifiers. The 460ml/day water extraction rate allows this dehumidifier to perform well up to 18sqm. This makes it perfect for small spaces such as bedrooms, storerooms, cupboards etc. As always, if you have significant damp issues, we recommend a full-sized dehumidifier like the Meaco ABC Range 12L dehumidifier. Mini dehumidifiers like the LONOVE are a great way to keep small spaces dry and mould free.

We love that this mini dehumidifier only consumes 22 watts. It offers good performance for this energy rating and will be very cheap to run. 22 watts at 24 hours a day works out at just under 10p an hour. This is incredibly cheap and a small price to pay for a damp-free room. You should always consider the costs of remedying issues caused by damp when deciding if a dehumidifier is worth it or not.

LONOVE 1100ml Mini Dehumidifier Features

As with most mini dehumidifiers, there aren’t many features to write about in the case of the LONOVE 1100ml mini dehumidifier. It has an auto shut-off feature which we have come to expect in a mini dehumidifier. This causes the dehumidifier to switch off when full. This helps to prevent spillage and alerts you when the water tank is full. When full, the LED on the power button will turn red and let you know it’s time to empty the tank. It is worth mentioning that the LONOVE 1100ml dehumidifier is very quiet at 30dB. Typically mini dehumidifiers produce between 30-40dB so the LONOVE is suitable for living and spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms.

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Great alternative option for Lonove dehumidifier.

LONOVE 1100ml Mini Dehumidifier Comparison

To really see how the LONOVE stacks up we need to compare it to a leading competitor. In this case, we have compared it to the best-selling Pro Breeze 500ml, lets take a look.

ModelLONOVE 1100mlPro Breeze 500ml
Water Tank1.1L0.5L

Wow, this is why we always like to compare dehumidifiers to see how good they are. The LONOVE 1100ml outperforms the well-known Pro Breeze 500ml in most of the key areas. Impressively, it offers almost double the extraction rate. This would make a huge difference in how quickly the dehumidifier gets rid of condensation and dampness. The higher the extraction rate, the more water is pulled out of the air and into the water tank.

Incredibly, the LONOVE 1100ml manages to do this whilst consuming the same amount of power. Not only is the extraction rate higher but it comes at no extra power cost. Typically in mini dehumidifiers, we see higher extraction rates come at the cost of higher energy consumption. Not so in the case of the LONOVE, this makes the higher extraction rate even more impressive. The water tank of the LONOVE is more than 2x the size of the Pro Breeze which is a further nice addition.

The Pro Breeze is lighter but portability isn’t really a deciding factor when it comes to mini dehumidifiers. In terms of style, it is more a matter of personal choice. We think neither is particularly stylish so this is down to personal preference. Naturally, we would go with the LONOVE 1100ml because it offers a higher extraction rate at a similar price whilst consuming the same amount of power.

Final Thought

The LONOVE 1100ml mini dehumidifier is currently a great choice due to its low price, extraction rate and water tank size. It currently beats out well-known models such as the Pro Breeze 500ml and will help to keep a small space dry and damp-free. If you have a more severe damp problem, please check out the most powerful mini dehumidifier we have seen – the UGHEY 2300ml dehumidifier or check out our rundown of the best dehumidifiers. We hope you found this review useful and helped you make an informed buying decision. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Meaco 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier and Air Purifier 2 in 1

Great alternative option for Lonove dehumidifier.
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