Is Manwe Dehumidifier so Good as They Say?

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We saw a lot of interest in this dehumidifier so we had to check it out orselves. Is it really worth it? The price seems to be very competitive.

The Manwe Mini Dehumidifier is ideal for keeping small bathrooms or kitchens free of dampness and condensation. It is small enough to comfortably fit inside a wardrobe where it can work to keep your clothes and shoes free of smelling musty and damp, especially if the wardrobe is in a room with poor air circulation.

Dehumidifiers for Home, Manwe Dehumidifiers for Drying Clothes, Auto Off&Coloured LED Light, Portable and Ultra Quiet,Mini Dehumidifier for Bedroom Damp Basement Kitchen Garage Wardrobe

Manwe Dehumidifier
  • 22.5W Power
  • Extraction: 350ml per day
  • The timing function (6/8/10h)
  • Multi-color Night Light

This is an ultra-quiet model (28dB), so you can leave it running overnight without disturbing your sleep. It is small and compact enough to move from room to room without issue quickly. If you are looking for an energy-efficient dehumidifier (22W) to keep humidity levels comfortable, then you cannot go wrong with the Manwe Mini Dehumidifier.

Because of its compact size, this is an excellent choice for clearing the air in a caravan or motorhome, especially when the vehicle is unused and unheated over the winter. It is a small enough model to use in the bathroom, and you can sit it on the windowsill or under the washbasin to keep it out of the way.

Performance and Features of the Manwe Mini Dehumidifier

  • The model measures 15.7D x 13.9W x 23.8H centimetres, and despite its compact size, it works most effectively in rooms under 20 square meters.
  • This model has 6-10 hour timing and auto-off options, which allows the dehumidifier to work within a specified time period. It will automatically switch off when the water collection tank is full. The water tank light will glow red, indicating that you must empty the tank.
  • This model has a quiet operation (28dB), and with its 22.5W rated power and auto power-off function, it saves you lots of energy.
  • This Small dehumidifier effectively removes moisture from rooms up to 350ml per day, keeping mould and odour to a minimum and creating a healthy and comfortable living environment for you.

What we like about the Manwe Mini Dehumidifier

This is a high-efficiency dehumidifier for smaller-sized homes that would be overwhelmed by larger models that would get in the way and become intrusive and obvious. This mini dehumidifier uses semiconductor condensation technology to dehumidify 360° efficiently.

We like that this mini dehumidifier can be used in smaller, modern-style houses with bathrooms that have no windows. When you rely on noisy extractor fans for internal bathrooms, it can disturb family members and children when used during the night. Running this mini extractor fan will keep the bathroom damp and odour free while running almost silently.

This dehumidifier is incredibly quiet, making it the perfect addition to any bedroom. With a noise level of just 28dB, you will barely notice it while you are trying to sleep.

One of the most positive things about the compact size of the Manwe Mini Dehumidifier is how you can move around to different rooms in the house, including an unheated conservatory where dampness and condensation can become a problem during the autumn and winter. It is a great little model for keeping a caravan or motorhome free of damp, musty smells.

We really liked that this model has an extra-large water collection tank of 1200ml.

Most mini-dehumidifiers of this size hold 500 millilitres, so you don’t need to empty this mini-dehumidifier as often as a model with a smaller-capacity water tank.

The designers have created a unique feature for this model with a seven-colour atmosphere night light. This means you can set the seven-colour light rotation, or you can choose your favourite colour light, or turn off the light at night if you don’t want it on. The handy night-light feature makes it easier for you to get around if you need to get up at night.

What we don’t like about the Manwe Mini Dehumidifier

This model works best when operating in rooms where you keep the doors and windows closed. This can be problematic if you want to use it in a smaller property with active children that run around, leaving doors open.

The device struggles to work effectively in rooms larger than 20 square metres, so if you want to dehumidify a room and the door or window is left open, you won’t get the results that you desire. If you live in a household where you leave most of your internal doors open for most of the day, consider a larger dehumidifier that can cope better under these conditions.

This model would perform better in a small home office, small bedroom—bathroom, or kitchen rather than a larger house with an open-plan floor layout.

Quick Comparison to similar models

ManwePro BreezeEasyAcc
Water tank1500ml500ml1200ml
Extraction per day350ml250ml400ml
Noise level28dB33dB35dB
Effective up to20m²20m²20m²

Customer feedback for the Manwe Mini Dehumidifier

Customer reviews for the Manwe Mini Dehumidifier were a little scarce at the time of writing this review, so there was little to go on. However, what customer reviews we found were pretty positive on the whole, with one customer being so impressed with the model that they brought one for a family member.

One of the most talked about features of the Manwe Mini Dehumidifier is its quietness. Users say they hardly notice it operating and can leave it working overnight without disturbing their sleep.

Customers mostly like that they can leave the Manwe Mini Dehumidifier running in a spare room or home office throughout the autumn and winter and never have an issue with mould and mildew or damp-smelling clothes and soft furnishings.

Dehumidifiers for Home, Manwe Dehumidifiers for Drying Clothes, Auto Off&Coloured LED Light, Portable and Ultra Quiet,Mini Dehumidifier for Bedroom Damp Basement Kitchen Garage Wardrobe

Manwe Dehumidifier
  • 22.5W Power
  • Extraction: 350ml per day
  • The timing function (6/8/10h)
  • Multi-color Night Light

Final thoughts

The Manwe Mini Dehumidifier is a highly efficient, low-energy model for smaller spaces (up to 20sq m). It has quiet running that doesn’t disturb your sleep and a handy night-light feature for those that need to get up at night to visit the bathroom or attend to children.

It is a great little model for running in the autumn and winter when we tend to keep doors and windows closed but need a little help getting rid of moisture in the air from cooking, baths and showers or when drying laundry indoors.

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