UGHEY 2300ml Dehumidifier Review – As Good as They Say?

UGHEY 2300ML Dehumidifier Review
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The new UGHEY 2300ml Dehumidifier has shot up the amazon bestseller rankings and become a best seller. We decided to take a look and review the UGHEY 2300ml dehumidifier and made some interesting discoveries. Are you curious if it is as good as people say? read on!

The UGHEY 2300ml looks to be one of the best small dehumidifiers on the market. It outperforms almost every other small and mini dehumidifier with an impressive 800ml/day extraction rate. This is because it is the only mini dehumidifier we have seen that has not one but TWO Peltier semiconductors. This gives it almost double the extraction rate of similar-sized models. On top of this, it comes with features you never see at this price point such as a humidistat, timer and custom fan speeds. We don’t think it can be beaten by any other model in its price range.

UGHEY Dehumidifier Small Dehumidifiers 750ml

Mini Electric Dehumidifiers, Air Cleaner, Portable and Compact Ultra Quiet

UGHEY 2300ml Dehumidifier Review

What we like

What makes the UGHEY 2300ml special is the 2x Peltier semi-conductors. This allows this model to absorb almost twice as much water as other mini dehumidifiers. In addition to this, the LCD screen and added features are almost never seen in mini dehumidifiers, let alone ones at this price point.

After getting one and testing it ourselves, we can definitely say it is the king of this price point.


  • Up to 800ml/day moisture extraction rate
  • 2.3L water tank
  • Quiet -39 Db
  • LCD Control Panel
  • Multiple Modes
  • Automatic Humidity sensor (Humidistat)
  • 65 Watt
  • 22 x 15 x 31 cm
  • 2.3 Kg


The key performance metric here is the 800ml/day extraction rate. As far as we are aware, this is the highest we have seen from the small and mini dehumidifier category. The UGHEY 2300ml is able to do this thanks to its TWO Peltier Semiconductors. Typically, a mini dehumidifier has 1 semiconductor, the UGHEY has been supercharged and fitted with two, drastically increasing its extraction rate.

The remarkable thing about the two semiconductors is that the UGHEY 2300ml is CHEAPER than many mini dehumidifiers with only a single semiconductor. This allows it to drastically outperform other models at this price point. You should note that the UGHEY 2300ml is a Peltier dehumidifier, this means it works most effectively at temperatures above 15 Celsius. If you need a dehumidifier for temperatures lower than this, take a look at our guide to the best dehumidifiers.

Upon reviewing the UGHEY 2300ml, we discovered one catch, and this is the energy consumption. It consumes 65 watts which is quite a bit more than other mini dehumidifiers which typically consume 20-40 watts of electricity. This means it will cost you more to run, but the extra water extraction rate and timer options should balance this out. If you are after a very efficient dehumidifier, check out our article on the 3 most energy-efficient dehumidifiers.

UGHEY Dehumidifier Small Dehumidifiers 750ml

Mini Electric Dehumidifiers, Air Cleaner, Portable and Compact Ultra Quiet


The UGHEY 2300ml dehumidifier has excellent features we rarely encounter on “small/mini” dehumidifiers. Let’s take a look at these features. what they are and how they work:


This is the first mini dehumidifier we have ever seen with an inbuilt humidistat and LCD display. The screen displays the % relative humidity in the room +/- 5%. This is incredibly useful as it lets you know if humidity is too high or too low. In the default “auto” mode, the dehumidifier will run continuously until relative humidity drops below 50%. Alternatively, you can use timed mode to set the dehumidifier to run non-stop for specific lengths of time. We would suggest using auto mode in most situations but set the timer to 24 hours for areas with serious condensation.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode lowers the fan speed to allow the UGHEY 2300ml to run quietly. This can be very useful if you intend to use the dehumidifier in a bedroom or living area. Usually, mini dehumidifiers run at a single speed and can only be turned on or off. It is worth noting that the UGHEY 2300ml will not absorb as much water when on sleep mode as it will be running at a lower capacity. We like dehumidifiers with a sleep mode as it gives you options in private living areas. Many people find dehumidifiers too loud and disturbing during the evening but sleep mode can overcome this.


The timed mode lets you select how long you want the UGHEY 2300ml to run for, in increments of hours. This is useful if you are out of the house all day but don’t want the dehumidifier to run all day. Simply program the amount of time you want and let it do its work. Timers are another feature absent in most mini dehumidifiers which usually just have an on or off mode.


Most dehumidifiers have this option and we have come to expect it. Peltier dehumidifiers work by cooling a metal plate to cause moisture to condense on it. The plate must be colder than the air in the room, this causes it to freeze when used in cold rooms. When this happens, the UGHEY will automatically stop running to defrost. This is the reason Peltier dehumidifiers are quite poor when room temperatures are below 15 Celsius.

Colour Options

This isn’t an essential feature but it lets you choose between a range of cool colours. It is a nice touch and lets you set the dehumidifier to your favourite colour!

UGHEY Dehumidifier Small Dehumidifiers 750ml

Mini Electric Dehumidifiers, Air Cleaner, Portable and Compact Ultra Quiet

UGHEY 2300ml Comparison

To see how much performance the UGHEY 2300ml really offers, we need to compare it to other models. We will compare it to two other min dehumidifiers that are in the same price range, the Pro Breeze 1500ml and the Hysure 2000ml.

ModelUGHEY 2300mlPro Breeze 1500mlHysure 2000ml
Water Tank2.3L 1.5L2L

Wow, just look at these stats. The UGHEY is the clear winner in every metric except wattage and weight. It outperforms all three in terms of water extraction rate despite currently being the CHEAPEST! It also has the largest water tank and the most feature by far.

The other two do not come close in terms of additional features, offering only basic features such as auto-defrost and auto-shutoff. The UGHEY 2300ml is clearly the superior dehumidifier and offers much more value for money than other choices. The only area it struggled in is the wattage. The UGHEY uses roughly 50% more energy than the other models but we believe this is offset by the increased extraction rate and timer options.

The UGHEY 2300ml has emerged as a cut above the competition as far as we are concerned. Most mini dehumidifiers do not come close in terms of value, features and performance. We would happily recommend that UGHEY 2300ml to anyone with minor condensation issues. We stand by the fact that mini dehumidifiers are not adequate for solving moderate to severe condensation issues, however. Despite this, the UGHEY 2300ml is clearly the front of the pack amongst the mini dehumidifiers, and at a great price.

Final Thought

UGHEY Dehumidifier Small Dehumidifiers 750ml

Mini Electric Dehumidifiers, Air Cleaner, Portable and Compact Ultra Quiet

We are glad we finally reviewed the UGHEY 2300ml as it did not disappoint. It is clearly a market leader in the mini dehumidifier category, offering the most impressive specifications and features we have ever seen at this price. The UGHEY 2300ml would be a great choice for minor to mild condensation issues in single rooms or small flats. If you have a more serious damp issue, please consider a larger dehumidifier and consult our best dehumidifiers guide. We hope this helped, please contact us if you have further questions!

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